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Why You Should Use a Travel Agent: Madlives Vacation

Why do I need TravelBash’s TEAM OF TRAVEL REBELS? I've got flight apps, blogs, and Google!

If you’ve got hours to spend comparing review sites, researching the best local excursions, checking airfare prices every Tuesday, and getting your friends all on the same page, go for it! You probably don’t need help booking your trip. 🙂

But if just the thought of having to squeeze all that research and planning into your packed schedule makes you tired (or if you’re worried about those #FOMO feels), we gotchu.

Our experience and connections mean your flights will get booked, your accommodations vetted, and your dream bespoke itinerary created, all without you having to lift a finger. And not only will we organize everything for you—we’ll also make sure you get the best possible deal, thanks to partnerships with industry suppliers that allow us to negotiate costs, secure room upgrades, and more on your behalf!

Another TravelBash perk? If your trip is derailed by the unexpected, we’ll be here to reroute flights, make last-minute room changes, and get your vacay back on the right track in a flash.

Relax and pour a drink. We’ve got this!


But I Can’t Afford Travel Planning Services right?

Wait, what? Who told you that mess? Odds are, you’re already paying for an agent and don’t even know it. You know those hidden fees and taxes that magically appear after booking a trip online? Yeah… let’s put your hard-earned money to work instead.

When you book with TravelBash, you pay a fee and walk away with all the perks—discounts, upgrades, and industry know-how mean you get more bang for your buck and often end up saving $$$ on your trip in the long run!


Sounds GOOD...BUT WHAT DO YOU REALLY DO? Break down Your Process for me?

We work with clients from the planning stage all the way through to the end of the trip to create an amazing personalized vacation that fits their personality and budget.

Things kick off with a phone call so that we can get to know each other a bit and make sure we’re a great fit. Going forward we’ll be new travel BFFs, so it’s important for us to learn all about your travel wants and needs and for you to learn more about our process!

Once we’ve got the first date out of the way, Team TravelBash starts researching. You know that lengthy, tedious research we talked about a few Qs back? Well, we love it! We know exactly what to look for and we make sure that we find the perfect experiences to match your vacation vision. Since there are so many options out there to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at this stage—that’s why we are here to figure it all out for you.

After we come up with our top recommendations, we go over them together and talk about pros and cons. We help you narrow down your selection based on what we discuss until we’ve found the perfect fit. (It’s just like dress or shoe shopping, and everyone has different taste.) Depending on the type of trip you’re looking for, this stage might include us coming up with a complete customized itinerary, especially if you’re heading overseas.

Next, we book all the travel arrangements—everything from the flights and accommodations to transportation and excursions, along with any upgrades and add-ons you’d like.

Once you’re all booked, we make sure you have all the extras. For us that means your very own Carry-On ( a.k.a. client travel portal) that houses all the important deets for your upcoming trip. Yes, that means, travel documents (including special tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your trip). This bit is our pre-departure session: we review all of your itinerary details and make sure you’re totally confident and prepared for the trip of your life!

You might think we’re done now... but nope! We will be your point of contact while traveling, which means that no matter what happens, we’ve got your back. You even get a special app to connect with us.

Once you’re home again, we reach out to see how everything went, gather feedback and suggestions, and see if you need anything else moving forward (what we like to call the “TravelBash Welcome Home”). For us, this is not just a one-time transaction—remember, we’re travel BFFs now! Add us to the list alongside your doctor, accountant, and hairstylist. 😉


Can you help me *save* money?

Does Olivia Pope run the Oval on Scandal? Duh. Our job is to help you avoid costly mistakes and get the incredible experience you’re looking for at the best possible rate.

Now for some data: According to Travel Market Report, consumers say that travel agents save them an average of $425 per trip! Say what?! That's right—if time is money then call us asset managers.


Does TravelBash really handle every last detail of my trip?

We sure do! Apart from the obvious stuff like flights and accommodation, we can also help book local activities, coordinate special requests like private sunset dinners and spa appointments, and even answer your packing questions. Planning a girls trip? No prob, we’ll even handle the goodie bags and champagne for you.

When you jet off, we track your flights and help resolve any problems or delays you might encounter. When you arrive, we advocate for better views and upgraded service on your behalf.

Just snap your fingers, shoot us a quick email, and your wish will be granted. (We’re kinda like Aladdin’s genie, minus the lamp and goatee.)


When Should I Book

Our team needs at least two months to plan an AMAZING trip however, we know sometimes spontaneity gets the best of us! So as soon as you know, let us know!

Just a side note: Flight prices tend to go up closer to trip date + the best accomodations get booked up pretty quickly especially if you are traveling in high season so the earlier the better!

What if I want to handle some of the planning? Can I get services a la carte?

We totally get it, travel planning can be fun (hello, that’s why we do it full-time!). We’re happy to split the planning process with you and only take on specific tasks as needed. Not to worry, Type As, just let us know how we can help!

(Psst: You can check out different package options here.)


What are your Certifications?

Our fearless leader Courtnie is a graduate of the Travel Leaders of Tomorrow program, one of the premiere travel schools in the U.S., and a member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), and the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialists Association (DWHSA). She is also a member of Travel Leaders Network, a global agency network community of top-agents representing over 6,000 agencies across the United States and Canada. She is consistently learning by attending industry conferences, forums, and educational trainings to make sure she continues her education on new travel trends, policies and procedures. She also strengthens her knowledge through various course offerings accredited by the Travel Institute and has passed certifications and specialist programs with the Travel Agent Academy. She attends several familiarization trips a year to stay up to date with destinations around the world as she believes the best way to learn is to actually travel to each destination and live like a local.

We’re really good at what we do. But don’t take our word for it—have a peek at our About page to read what our clients are saying.


I found a better deal online, can you get the same rate?

Excellent question! We will always work to get you the best rate, but you may occasionally find a cheaper deal floating around on the web. Proceed with caution! That great deal online might not be as great as you think. (More on that here.)

Vacation should be an amazing experience, and that’s what TravelBash offers. You want to make sure you have someone on your team who understands what you’re looking for and works hard to make sure you get it. We want your vacation to be exceptional—can you say the same for the third-party website or online retailer you book through?

If cheap is your number one concern, We won’t be your cup of tea. We work with clients that value their time and know how valuable our service is to their busy lives. TravelBash isn’t about the economy approach and we don’t cut corners in order to cut costs. We’re a boutique agency for a reason. We make things happen for our VIP travelers.


How do YOU gUYS GET paid?

When you book your trip, the supplier gives us a commission (a.k.a. We are paid by the hotel/resort, travel partner, or tour operator you’ve chosen). That means that if we spend hours working on your personalized vacay but you ultimately decide not to proceed with booking, we are not compensated—which sucks, right?!

Imagine working hard on a project only to have your boss come in and tell you, hey, great job and all but we’ve decided to scrap the whole thing… oh, and also you won’t be paid for any of the work you put into this. How would you feel? Not great, we are guessing, which is why we charge a professional travel design fee up front for our time and expertise.

The fee varies from trip to trip, but starts at $500 and is non-refundable. That way, if we start planning your big adventure and you decide later that we aren’t the right fit or you are no longer able to go, we are compensated for at least some of our time.

After 3-4 quotes, an additional fee may be assessed as the professional travel design fee does not include unlimited quoting and/or itinerary development for various destinations. Trip planning takes time so it is imperative that you give us as many details upfront so that we can make sure we are on track with planning your special vacay!

Additional fees include: $250 per person cancellation fee and a $200 change/revision fee.

Due to the special nature of destination weddings, we also charge an additional non-refundable planning fee that differs from the regular travel design service fee noted above. The same holds true for group trips, including business retreats and/or family/friends getaways.

If you want to learn more about our prices, GET IN TOUCH!


Some of the other agents I’ve spoken to don’t charge a fee, why do you?

Shame on them! We can’t speak for other agents, but in our case, it’s a question of expertise and value.

Our founder, Courtnie is a professional and she is very confident in the value she bring to her clients. Trip planning isn’t easy, which is why agencies exist in the first place. Similar to how accountants charge a fee for their expertise or how a lawyer will charge for legal consultation, we travel professionals charge for our experience, skill, and time. Your vacation takes days to plan and put together perfectly, and the work doesn’t stop after your trip is booked. And for those groups, think that plus 10X!!!!!!

That being said, we always offer a free initial consultation (our “first date”) to make sure we’re a good fit before moving forward!


How does payment work? Do you offer payment plans?

So glad you asked!

We know that travel can be a significant investment and a huge commitment. Just like your typical event planner, our rates vary based on your package of choice. The only part of the payment process set in stone is the deposit, which is paid before we get down to work planning your destination event or vacation.

For the remainder of the balance, we keep things flexible (payment plans are another sweet perk that comes from working with TravelBash). Rather than demanding the full cost up front, we set up a schedule to pay off the rest of your travel costs at a pace that works for you. The full balance is due 65 days before you leave. Win-win for everyone!



Our clients are all very different — from young couples busy starting their careers to older VPs of Fortune 500 companies. They are husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, small business owners, girlfriends, and solo travelers. (However, we do specialize in couples, groups, and brides-to-be!)

Most importantly, our clients are go-getters, explorers, and thrill-seekers who know how to have a good time. We cater to a youthful, savvy clientele that is driven by adventure and personal connection. They love true relaxation and know they do not have the time or desire to put all the pieces together. They believe that there is a specific vacation out there meant for them!


Are there any trips TravelBash can't Help with?

We currently do NOT offer (domestic) travel planning services within the United States. There are a few exceptions, including Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. International is the way we like to roll!

Same goes for any and all cruises—the crew will take care of all the planning you need.

Lastly, we aren't fans of Disney, so we can't help you see Mickey.

With that said, feel free to reach out as we have a few boss babes that can help you! Just shoot us an email at and we will connect you to others in our #tribe that specialize in the above destinations & interests.


How much is this going to Cost ME, REALLY?

It really depends on what kind of trip you’re after, which is why that initial (free!) discovery call is so important!

We can sit here and talk about what a crazy good investment TravelBash is, but we don't think you should take our word for it—check out our client testimonials!


I live outside of the US, can you plan a trip for me?

Maybe….in addition to US passport holders flying from the US, we are now accepting Canadian clients as well!!! For travelers living outside of the US & Canada, we aren’t able to book anything for you at this time.


I like booking my own travel, but a nudge in the right direction would be nice.

Sounds like you have the same love/hate relationship with scouring the internet that we do! No worries—you can use TravelBash’s very own custom booking link to plan your own travels throughout the Caribbean with one of our preferred suppliers.

Get started!



Unfortunately, we can't use miles, points, vacation clubs, timeshare rewards, etc. to book any trips. This is something you would have to manage on your own as the holder of these perks must contact the hosts directly to redeem them. There are usually strict requirements surrounded the redemption process and we can't guarantee or be held liable for any vacations related to this type of travel.

WITH THAT SAID, as a Travel Leaders Network Agent, Travel Leaders Group in collaboration with American Express has created the Apex program that I am excited to be apart of currently. This means you will have exclusive access to the Travel Collection by Travel Leaders Group which entitles you to free amenties and/or savings on bookings with top air, car, vacation packages and tour suppliers. You will also be able to redeem your American Express Membership Rewards points for any eligible prepaid travel purchases. This program is only valid for four select American Express cards ( Premier Rewards Gold Card, Business Gold Rewards Card, Platinum and Business Platinum Card. This program is not offered on co-branded American Express Cards.


You sure know a lot about travel! Can you help me find job opportunities abroad?

Unfortunately, we can't advise you on career opportunities as that’s not where our expertise lies. At TravelBash, we curate and plan experiences for people who want to travel the world and celebrate with loved ones. We don’t share tips on how to start a business in travel, become a travel influencer, or live life as a digital nomad (but best of luck if you do!!).


Still have questions?

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