Courtnie Nichols, founder of TravelBash

About me

My name is Courtnie and I live in Gainesville, Florida (chomp!) at the moment. I ditched my fundraising gig to explore my passion for travel and experience planning, and now I'm a full-time #GirlBoss. It took me a while to give up that 9-5, but I did it!

TravelBash was created after a lot of encouragement from friends and several years of throwing birthday parties for my coaching hubby. See, he’s a retired professional athlete turned college basketball coach—he really only has two months to #vacay, unlike your girl, who is always down for a good trip. Since we have limited time with friends and family during the season, I always throw a big bash around his birthday in May (and travel is always involved).

Thus, the name,TravelBash was born—"bash" because, of course, we throw the best parties, and "travel" because that’s just how we roll. Put 'em together and what've you got? TravelBash! It might also have to do with the fact that we've moved 5 times in 9 years. (Say what?! #CoachsWifeLife) Thanks to all that moving, we’ve been part of plenty of bashes: packing parties, going away/goodbye parties, moving parties... You get the idea!

Semantics aside, I'm serious about my business standing out. TravelBash is a modern travel boutique specializing in group and romance travel (hey brides!). We aren’t your grandmother’s travel agency—we do things differently. With that said, I hate the word “Travel Agent”, that is soo old-school and I do more than just book travel! You can call me your personal travel designer or travel BFF. That’s right, once you get me, we are travel buddies forever. : )

My purpose

I feel like I've always been on the move. I was born in Tennessee, raised in St. Louis, attended two different universities, and had the opportunity to live with bae overseas. That's a lot for a girl who had only just hit 30!

I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur but didn't know what it would look like or when it would happen (#timing) because my life felt so nonstop between moves, gyms, work, and fun. Let’s just say I have always had the bug….my dad was a small business owner and politician….go figure!

I love helping others and exposing them to new ideas and places so becoming a travel-planning pro made sense—I was already coordinating our friend and family vacays, and once I'd planned my own destination wedding in Mexico, I found out I had a real knack for romance travel.

I became the go-to for friends looking to get away or couples thinking about getting married overseas because (hubby and I were the first in our #tribe to get married), of course, I had done the whole destination wedding thing before. Three years ago, my travel agent ( Shout Out- RSVP Events & Travel) at the time mentioned coming on but I blew it off until the fall of 2016. That's when I got serious and enrolled in the amazing Travel Leaders of Tomorrow program.

The blog

On this blog, you'll find posts about travel, destination weddings and honeymoons, clever tips and tricks, and lots of #travelinspo in the form of kickass pics! I also adore adventure, connection, and self-expression, and work hard to make sure the tone of my blog is always empowering and uplifting.

Things I don't do: get technical about points, miles, credit card hacking, and how to plan trips on a budget. I am a big believer in spending money on the things you value and for me, travel is one of them. No shortcuts over here so you won’t be able to compare me to The Points Guy”, that’s not what I do. I won’t show you how to backpack through Europe on a dime, give you a “Top Ten” list of the Best Hostels around the world, nor will you hear me talking about cutting costs down to the bare minimum. I don’t believe in packing my lunch and couchsurfing. I am about living my best life and helping you do the same.

I wouldn't call my blog a "traditional" travel blog (not sure if any blog can really be called traditional, considering there's no degree for this and it can be done any way you like!)—you're not going to see 1,000 selfies of me and bae sipping Mai Tais on the beach, all filtered and cropped to perfection. Most of the time, I use unretouched pics taken with my iPhone 8+. That being said, an occasional #Calpak bag or #BeachSlay might pop up when I am feeling like a DIVA. 💅If you want to keep up with all the #travelbashadventures make sure to follow me on Instagram @travelbash. I do stories that showcase several hotels and resorts so you truly get the exclusives.

The future

TravelBash is growing more than ever. I am still planning, but now in addition to clients looking to book #bucketlist trips and romantic getaways, I'm also working on other products and resources for all my jet-setting couples and friends. Think e-books, travel guides, and other services to compliment what I already do. You always have to be one step ahead right?

Just a note: I don't blog about every personal trip I take, but I do my best to make sure the TravelBash blog is stuffed full of helpful, relevant, entertaining, and up-to-date info for engaged/dating /married couples and anybody else who just loves to travel. You might see a few basketball references. Okay, make that a LOT of basketball references. That's my life in a nutshell: basketball + food + travel. (Honestly, I should've called my blog Hoops, Honeymoons, and Happily Ever After.)

ANYway, to cap things off, let me say: I hope to be an inspiration to those who are looking to pursue their passion. I love luxury resorts, and beautiful beaches and—most of all—I love helping others create incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

If you're ready for adventure, let’s go!

Eat, Drink, and Travel More,

- C


Random facts about me

I'm a former Division I two-sport athlete (volleyball and basketball, yes #SlayGirlSlay), a college hoops junkie, and a spa addict. I'm also mama to a four-legged fur baby, Zoe Diogi Nichols (he’s a spoiled rotten minature schnauzer).

As I mentioned above, I was born in TN and grew up in STL when I was a little girl (U-City reppin'!). I went to Hampton University, an HBCU, for 2 years in Virginia before transferring to East Tennessee State University (we made the NCAA tourney two years ago) in a small place called Johnson City.

I'm a Type A personality, perfectionist, sticky note queen, overachiever, and lover of lists. I HATE wearing bras. At one point, I wanted to be a lawyer and I love me some Sex and The City. I have a degree in Marketing with a minor in Sports Management and a Masters in Strategic Leadership. And just so you know, I'm a part of the Beyhive. (You’ve been warned—don’t come for Bey, y'all. 🐝)

Last but not least, as you might've guessed, I am totally OBSESSED with travel! I'm always ready to go somewhere.

Courtnie Nichols. Founder of TravelBash

Looking for something fancier?

Courtnie Nichols is lead consultant and founder of TravelBash. After years as an ambitious fundraiser, she set out to be build the leading boutique travel company from the groud up. And guess what? She did it. Since her first solo flight at the age of 10, Courtnie has lived all over the US and abroad which made her passion for travel flourish. She has taken her love of travel and created an online coterie providing seasoned guidance and industry insider tips to those seeking to celebrate and live life through travel. 

As a certified travel agent and expert event planner, she makes destination hopping an everyday reality. She inspires others to boldly take on the world from innovative road trips to luxurious 5-star destinations.When not traveling, Courtnie is mama to her fur baby Zoe and cheerleader/wife to her coaching hubby. She’s been featured in WeddingLovely, Destination I Do, RoadTrips, and is a contributor for Home Magazine: Living in GreaterGainesville. She has been quoted in various articles including Southern Living, Moneyish, and Discover Credit Card. 

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