We believe travel is more than an annual vacation or a summertime luxury.


For us, travel is about escaping the daily routine and running towards a horizon that brings adventure, romance, discovery, and growth. It's about loving the people we're with and diving headfirst into everything the world has to offer us. Travel is about becoming our best selves, so we'll be using every last vacation day, thank you very much.

At TravelBash, we are on a mission to help people to see, do and be more by giving them kickass trips and memories to share.


Meet our fearless leader.

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Let's just say my touch of OCD and obsession for travel makes sense. I have always enjoyed celebrating with good company in exotic locales.

...But no, seriously ( lol!) I believe in taking time to enjoy the important things in life: family, friends and a new place to explore.  

Travel allows you to be knowledge rich, to share that with others is priceless.