Whether you're planning a surprise birthday weekend for your crew in Nicaragua, a laid-back romantic anniversary getaway in Mexico, or an intimate destination wedding in Lisbon–start packing. TravelBash will take care of every detail.

As a full-service travel boutique with destination event expertise, we are here to take as much or as little off your to-do list as you need for your next international trip. 


  • No Hidden Fees. Our process is simple.

  • Time Saved. Researching all those different options can be overwhelming and down right exhausting.

  • Focus on You. We curate experiences with YOU in mind. We hate the one size fits all approach.

We are go big or go home kind of people!

That means we do not offer domestic travel planning services. There are a few exceptions that include: Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

With that said, we focus our efforts in Mexico, The Caribbean, Europe and beyond!

Lastly, we do NOT do cruises nor are we fans of Disney... just not our cup of tea! However, we are more than happy to refer you to a top notch advisor in our network. 

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ’s page here.