TravelBash Travelers know the truth: Life is about EXPERIENCES, not things.

Whether you’re stepping outside your comfort zone, celebrating something big, chasing down adventure, seeking connection, or simply seeing where the road takes you, we’re here to make it happen.


Curated Trip Planning Service, TravelBash

Curated Trip Planning

We know you love to travel, but all the researching and planning and organizing that happens months before you set foot on the plane? Not everyone’s cup of tea.

Which is why our curated trip planning service takes that mess off your plate, adds a little of our secret sauce, and serves you up the adventure of your dreams all ready to go on a silver platter. No sifting through online reviews or juggling an inbox full of booking emails needed—just grab your passport, pack your swimsuit, and hit the airport.

(Curious about the recipe behind our secret sauce? It’s a one-of-a-kind blend of expertise, passion, experience, industry connections... and a li’l splash of tequila, because why not! )


Destination Weddings

Looking to spice up your big day? Destination weddings offer incredible bang for your buck—all-inclusive venues, delicious food, plenty of activities for your guests, and stunning scenery that will take your photos from “aww” to “OMG!”

There’s a persistent myth out there that says destination weddings are only for the rich, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! On average, couples who get married abroad SAVE money thanks to lower costs at their destination, smaller and more intimate guest lists, and the bundled wedding venue + vendor packages many international resorts offer.

If planning a wedding abroad sounds overwhelming, TravelBash can help! We organize everything from start to finish, meaning you’ll never need to worry if you’re on track and on budget.

But if DIY is more your style, we gotchu too! Our Destination Wedding Kickstart membership is chock-full of helpful advice, insider knowledge, and all the planning tools you need to bring your dream wedding to life.

Travelbash Destination Wedding

Small Business Retreat Planning


Calling all savvy small biz owners! Creative retreats are one of the BEST ways to foster community, engage with your audience, spark personal and career growth, and have an incredible time doing it!

Not only does hosting a retreat for your tribe give everyone the chance to relax and unwind, but it can also boost your business in unexpected ways. By taking a step back from the daily grind and interacting with your fans or fellow solopreneurs on a more personal level, you have the chance to make real connections, glean valuable insight, and set fresh goals for yourself and your biz.

The catch? Small biz retreats take a heck of a lot of effort to organize—which is where TravelBash comes in! Let us handle the flights, accommodations, venues, meals, and activities (it’s kind of our thing) so you can focus on doing what you do best—running your business like a boss.

TravelBash GetaWays

Picture your last girls getaway, add a star or two to your accommodations, subtract the messy group chats and stressful planning, dial the fun up to 11, and voilà—you’ve got yourself a TravelBash Getaway!

Our women-only, small-group adventures combine Insta-worthy style and luxury with authentic experiences, delicious food, great conversation, and good people. The result is a little slice of travel goodness (hosted by fellow wanderlusters and celebration-seekers like myself) that brings like-minded women together to try something new, laugh, explore, relax, and connect.

TravelBash Getaways