6 Questions Travel Advisors Are Asked All the Time

Courtnie Nichols, Founder & CEO of TravelBash

As a travel professional, I get asked certain questions all the time, and I know my fellow travel and wedding planners out there know what I’m talking about. Today, I wanted to go ahead and answer some of these questions once and for all! Check out my 6 most frequently asked questions and my answers to them below! 


In short, I am considered a travel agent because a lot of the traditional duties of my job are the same, but I do more than sell or book travel. So, in many ways, no, I am more than a travel agent. What I do goes way beyond just that of an agent. TravelBash is here to inspire and help you celebrate more through travel and that means I become your personal travel concierge who takes care of all aspects of your adventure — from the planning stage, until you make it back home.

2. Sounds GOOD — BUT WHAT DO YOU REALLY DO? What’s Your Process?

I work with clients starting from the planning stage all the way through to the end to create an amazing personalized vacation plan that fits their personality and budget. It first starts with an initial chat with me to get to know you and make sure I am a great fit. We will be new travel BFFs, so it’s imperative I learn more about what you desire and that you know my process.

Now that we have gotten that first date out of the way, I start with research. You know those hours of research you hate to spend on planning a trip? I love it! I know what to look for, and I make sure that I find the right experience for you. This could be anything from a boutique hotel, private villa or large all-inclusive resort. Since there’s so much out there to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at this stage — that’s why I’m here to figure it all out for you.

After I come up with my top 3 recommendations, we will go over them and discuss the pros/cons. I will help you narrow down your selection based on what we have talked about. We will go through this until we have found the perfect fit. (It’s just like dress or shoe shopping, of course.)

Sometimes this even includes me coming up with a customized itinerary, especially for all of my international travelers. You could end up hopping cities from Paris, to London to Rome.

Next, I book all the travel arrangements — everything from the flights, accommodations, transportation, excursions and any upgrades and add-ons you would like.

Now that we have that out of the way, I make sure you have all of your travel documents — including special tips and tricks you need while traveling. This is like our pre-departure session. We review all the components, and make sure you are prepared and confident for the trip of your life.

Now, you may think we are done, but nope! I am your point of contact while traveling, whatever may arise, I have your back!

Then I follow-up with a TravelBash Welcome Home. I reach out to see how everything went, get feedback and recommendations, as well as see if you need anything else moving forward. To me this is not just a one-time transaction, remember, we are now travel BFFs! Add to me to your list of lawyers, doctors, accountants and hairstylists!


This is one I get way too often! The short answer is: It’s about service and that personal touch.

Vacation should be an experience, and that is what I offer. You want to make sure you have someone on your team who understands what you are looking for and is working for you. I want your vacation to be exceptional — can you say the same for the online retailer you go through? I will admit, if a quick cheap vacation is what you are looking for, I am not your girl. TravelBash isn’t about the McDonalds and/or Walmart approach. We are a boutique agency for a reason. We make things happen for our VIP travelers.

4. the other agents I have spoken to don’t charge a fee, why do you?

I am a professional and believe in the value I bring to my clients. Trip planning isn’t easy. That’s why you seek out professionals. Similar to how accountants charge a fee for their expertise, or how a lawyer will charge for legal expertise, we travel professionals must charge for our expertise. Your vacation takes hours of time to plan and put together perfectly, and the work doesn’t stop after your trip is booked. I offer a free initial consultation (our first date) to make sure I can be of service to you.


My clients are all very different — from the young couple busy in their careers, to the VP of a Fortune 500 company. They are wives, fathers, small business owners, girlfriends, and even solo travelers. However, we specialize in couples, groups and brides-to-be. Most importantly, our clients are go-getters, explorers and thrill-seekers who know how to have a good time. We cater to a youthful, savvy clientele that is driven by adventure and personal connection. Most love true relaxation and know they do not have the time or desire to put all the pieces together. They do believe that there is a specific vacation out there meant for them!


I love talking about all things travel, so shoot me a message and/or give me a call. I am always on the go but will get back to you within 48 hours! If you want to schedule an appointment, feel free to just do that here. I can’t wait to learn more about you and your next adventure!