Why You Should Travel for Your Anniversary (& Where You Should Go!)

A couple holds hands on a hilltop outside Athens, Greece.

Did you know? Couples who travel together report stronger communication, a deeper sense of intimacy, and better sex lives (turns out good food, pretty scenery, and plenty of alone time really ramp up the romance 😉). When you travel as a couple, you solve problems as a team, keep each other company, and experience some pretty incredible things together, all of which help deepen the bond you share.

If you’ve ever taken a trip with your significant other, you know it’s one of the most exciting and romantic things you can do—which makes it the perfect way to celebrate your anniversary! Check out our list of uniquely dreamy anniversary destination ideas for #travelinspo as you plan your trip:

Lake Louise's placid turquoise waters stretch out against a backdrop of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Lake Louise, Canada

Canada is chock-full of natural beauty, but the Canadian Rockies are on a whole other level. Tucked away in the mountains at the heart of Banff National Park, the tiny hamlet of Lake Louise draws thousands of visitors every year, offering sweeping mountain views, crisp alpine air, and the chance to experience its namesake—a lake so astonishingly turquoise that it’s hard to believe it’s real.

Couples can cozy up together in a nearby chalet, paddle out on Lake Louise’s still waters, explore the high-altitude trails, or even (if visiting in the winter) try their hand at dog-sledding. Trust us, the views here alone are worth the trip.


A long pier with a colorful boat docked next to it sits on top of blue ocean waters in Martinique.


Martinique is probably not the first island that comes to mind when you think “Caribbean vacation,” but this sun-soaked stunner should not be overlooked. Not only is the French-owned island gorgeous—think lush rainforests and mountains in the north, crystal-clear bays and beautiful beaches in the south—but it's got plenty of intriguing history to delve into, as well (fun fact: Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife, Empress Josephine, was born here).

Martinique’s weather is predictable in the most perfect way, with blue skies and balmy breezes year round. And the food? Take exquisite French cuisine, add some Creole spice, and voila! Heaven on a plate. Martinique will not disappoint if you’re looking to ring in your anniversary with sunshine and world-class eats.


Colourful buildings dot an empty beach fringed in lush tropical greenery on Isla de Providencia.

Isla de Providencia, Colombia

Are you and your sweetheart the kind of travelers always on the lookout for the next hidden gem? If so, look no further than Isla de Providencia.

Technically part of Colombia, this Caribbean island feels worlds away from the tourist crowds of Jamaica or the Dominican Republic. This is largely thanks to how difficult it is to actually get to Providencia—without a direct connection to the Colombian mainland, you’ll find yourself hopping to neighboring San Andrés first, then catching either a ferry or small plane over.

Once you’ve arrived, though, it’ll all be worth it to experience the blissful tranquility of a place more or less untouched by the outside world. With an entire island full of pristine beaches, friendly locals, and stunning reefs to explore, it’s totally understandable if you and your boo start thinking you’ve accidentally stumbled onto paradise.


The city of Porto, Portugal outlined against a brilliant orange sunset.

Porto, Portugal

Lisbon has been a tourist favorite for years, but we’d argue that Porto is where it’s really at. Straddling the meandering Rio Douro, Portugal’s second largest city is bursting with character and charm—an eclectic mishmash of architecture that will remind you of Paris one moment and Rome the next, old cobblestone alleyways winding through the medieval center, the cheerful flap of laundry hung out to dry and the gentle slosh of water against the docks. Locals are friendly, polite, and always ready to help, whether you’re lost or simply need a recommendation for a good place to eat.

Speaking of, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better city to eat and drink your way through. For the ultimate romantic evening, grab a table for two at one of the many rooftop terrace bars and sample some tasty petiscos (Portuguese-style tapas) before rounding out your night with a glass of—what else?—port. Bonus: snagging seats up high will treat you to a spectacular view of one of Porto’s famously beautiful sunsets.


Wroclaw's beautiful pastel buildings spread out against a blue winter sky.

Wrocław, Poland

Wrocław is as pretty to look at as it is difficult to pronounce (we’d have guessed “row-claw,” but in actuality it sounds more like “vrots-wahf” 🤷). After being consistently overshadowed by its big sister Kraków in the past, 2018 finally seems to be Wrocław’s year to shine. Savvy travelers are sitting up and taking note of this Polish gem, with its brightly-coloured buildings, medieval European charm, and beautifully restored market square (Rynek).

Not only does Wrocław have fairytale good looks, it’s also easy on your wallet. Lunch will set you back a mere $6 or so, which is perfect because you’ll be wanting to eat all the delicious Polish food you can while you’re here. If wandering around a vibrant, artsy European city without the hassle of massive crowds (or a massive dent in your budget) sounds like your dream anniversary trip, don’t hesitate! We guarantee Wrocław will have you feeling the love.


An ornate historic church in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Oaxaca City, Mexico

While Mexico is known for its amazing beaches and all-inclusive resorts, there’s a whole other side of the country just waiting for curious travelers to explore. Case in point: Oaxaca City.

Despite being, arguably, the country’s epicenter of food and culture, Oaxaca doesn’t see nearly as much tourism as places like Cancún or Cabo. This is good news for those in search of an authentically Mexican experience—here you’ll find history brought to life in the stunning colonial architecture, the indigenous languages still spoken today, and the textiles and pottery locals craft using the same methods their ancestors did. Oaxaca is full of beautiful things both old and new, which is part of what makes it such an intensely attractive destination.

The other draw? The food. Oaxaca’s cuisine is unlike anything else in the country, combining the freshest ingredients with traditional techniques to create dishes that are so simple and yet so mind-blowingly delicious at the same time. The best advice we can give you is to eat everything and never look back. Foodie couples and culture vultures, this is the place for you!

Dying to jet off with your better half and explore one of these fabulous destinations? Let us take care of the logistics and we’ll leave the fun stuff—daydreaming about all the amazing things you’re going to do, see, and eat—to you!

Let’s get planning! Your perfect anniversary getaway awaits. ✈️❤️🙌