What is A Babymoon?

A pregnant woman wearing a wedding ring and a striped tunic cradles her belly with one hand.

Let me start off by saying CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

You’re getting ready to bring your little miracle into the world...and what better way to prepare for parenthood than with a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience while little bun (or buns) is still in the oven. A completely custom Babymoon lets you get away, celebrate, relax, be pampered—whatever you want—it’s one more chance to get some time to yourself before the parenting work begins. So let’s review some questions we’re asked all the time when it comes to planning this special vacation.

What is a Babymoon?

There are a couple definitions of Babymoons out there, but the kind we’re talking about are romantic, relaxing, getaway vacations taken by parents-to-be—just before the new baby is born.

You can go to a beautiful destination location, or even stay close to home! The point of the babymoon is for new parents-to-be to enjoy quality time together and create even more amazing memories they can look back on when the stress of parenting starts to set in.

Who should go on a Babymoon?

Are you about to have a baby? YOU should go on a Babymoon.

Anyone who is starting to get weighed down, or let’s be real—a little freaked out, by the looming stress of parent life needs some R&R. Do yourself the favor.

Why consider a Babymoon?

Not only is it one of the hottest travel trends right now—we saw you in Bora Bora, Beyoncé—but it’s one of the most valuable travel trends right now.

We’re not going to sugar coat it, parenting is going to be crazy! You’re probably not going to sleep for about a year or two, you and your partner will have approximately 2 seconds of alone time for the next who-knows-how-long, and your new favorite thing to listen to on Spotify will be the sweet sound of silence.

Of course, the joys of being a mom or dad are completely worth any stress you might go through, but why not make your transition into that time of your life a little bit easier. Go on a trip, get some alone time, enjoy each other, get yourself excited for the time ahead.

How long do Babymoons usually last?

They can be as short as a long weekend away (3-4 days) or an entire week vacation! It’s completely up to you and what you and your partner want.

If you are thinking of going somewhere further away, think about travel time in getting there—will that mean you want to stay a couple extra days so you aren’t too exhausted from traveling so much? Is it close enough to home that a 3-day weekend makes plenty of sense? It really comes down to what you are feeling, how you’re feeling, and what you think you can handle / afford.

Where should I Babymoon?

There is no cookie-cutter Babymoon, it’s entirely dependent on what you feel comfortable doing, or what you feel you need to get yourself in the right mindset for finishing out your no-kid stage of life. That being said, again, you’ll want to consider travel time. How long is the flight? Will you or your partner be okay on a flight for that long? Is it better to stay somewhere within driving distance?

If you’re looking for some inspiration, some of the more popular Babymoon spots right now are:
Staying domestic: Florida, California, Hawaii
Going international: Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, Canada

The Bump recently did a survey, and they found nearly 80% of Babymoon-ers decided on a domestic destination, so don’t be intimidated if traveling a long distance seems out of the question.

Does a Babymoon have to be expensive?

Not at all! If you’re looking for something simple, your perfect Babymoon may just be a quick road trip and a two night stay at a relaxing hotel / resort a few hours away—and that sounds amazing!

Babymoons are meant for you to celebrate and clear your mind, not put a gaping hole in your wallet. After all, you’re about to have a baby! That being said, if you have the means and desire to go all out like Beyoncé, then GO ALL OUT. The rest of us will be perfectly content relaxing stateside.

Extra Tips & Suggestions

  • Several resorts now have babymoon packages, like maybe a special spa massage...don’t be afraid to ask!

  • If you’re traveling out of the country, check travel restrictions—you want to make sure you and your baby stay safe, so be sure to heed any warnings put out by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

  • Travel in the second trimester! You should be past the nausea at this point, and you’ll likely be less comfortable traveling a few weeks down the road. Heading out of town between 18-24 weeks is the sweet spot.

  • Tell your OB if you plan to travel, and how far you plan to go—your doctor should give you some great tips!

  • Get the contact info for nearby medical care (you know, just in case).

  • Stay extra hydrated, especially if flying...airplane air is as dry as a desert. And keep yourself moving during travel, try to get up and walk around, or take a break every hour or so to avoid crampy or swollen legs.


A final pampering could be just what you need to enter parenthood feeling relaxed (well, as relaxed as you can be considering) and ready to take on the greatest adventure of your life. If you’re ready to jet one last time before baby arrives, minus the planning since you’ve got enough of that to do, get in touch!



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