Fitkicks: The Perfect Travel Companion

A woman's feet in Fitkicks shoes on the beach.

No matter where you’re headed, Fitkicks shoes should be the #1 thing on your packing list. I have a pair of them myself and never venture abroad without them! Read on to find out why I LOVE these shoes (and you will, too):

Fitkicks make traveling easy and comfortable

Whether you’re traveling by car, plane, or train, contorting your body in weird ways to avoid pins and needles or cramping is (unfortunately) part of the deal. Eliminate some of that travel pain by switching to Fitkicks shoes for your trip! These lightweight, ultra-comfortable shoes give you the freeing feeling of being barefoot, while still keeping your feet protected. With no laces or closures to fumble with, slipping in and out of your Fitkicks is a breeze—perfect for when you need to stretch your toes in the car or have to hustle through security at the airport.

Fitkicks are multi-destination masterpieces

Fitkicks make awesome travel shoes because of how amazingly versatile they are. Exploring a rocky beach? Wear your Fitkicks in and out of the water—they dry quickly! On a zipline excursion? Fitkicks’ cozy fit guarantees you’re not going to lose them as you sail through the treetops! Strolling through open-air markets? Fitkicks keep you comfortable all day long! From hiking the cloud forests of Costa Rica to wandering the bustling streets of Hong Kong, whatever your itinerary has in store, these shoes have you covered.

Fitkicks help you slim down your packing list

Chronic overpackers, rejoice! Uber-adaptable Fitkicks are the answer to your prayers. Say goodbye to lugging your bulky workout runners around the globe—Fitkicks shoes make great exercise companions. No need to pack your water shoes either, since Fitkicks do land and water equally well and dry super fast. Your worn-out walking sneakers can stay home, too—Fitkicks are comfy enough to walk around in all day. In fact, Fitkicks are so versatile you won’t need to pack many other shoes at all (freeing up valuable suitcase real estate for other gear).

For any travelers looking for a comfy, stylish, multipurpose shoe, I would definitely recommend looking into a pair of Fitkicks. They might just become your travel go-to!