How To Conquer Jet Lag

Sunlight glancing off the wing of an airplane in flight.

Let’s be honest—jet lag is the WORST part of traveling to different time zones. In fact, jet lag is worse than packing. That says a lot! It’s hard to be excited about a vacation when you arrive at your destination groggy and tired.

For anyone who has experienced jet lag, you know what it’s like to feel your mental and physical performance diminish, and have poor concentration and low energy. Not how you want to start your vacation, right?

So how do you beat jet lag? Don’t worry, I put a list of some of my favorite tips together to help you conquer jet lag for good!

Before Your Flight

Depending on how long you’re staying at your destination, some experts suggest to start slowly adjusting your body to a significant time change one week before your flight.

By going to bed and eating meals closer to the local time of your upcoming destination, your body will be more adjusted and you’ll be able to ease into your arrival.

This method isn’t for everyone. However, for some it might just do the trick!

During Your Flight

So you’ve made it through security and you’re about to board your flight – you did it! The tricky part is over!

Now, during your flight is the most important time to start preparing for the time change. Below is an in-flight checklist to help you prep:

  1. Adjust your clock to the local time of the destination once you board your flight. Eat your meals and try to sleep at your destinations local time. (I can’t stress how important it is to do this once you’ve BOARDED your flight. You don’t want to be that person who misses their flight because they had their clock set to the wrong time zone lol…)

  2. Stay hydrated! Jet lag is often brought on by dehydration. I know, you don’t want to get up 10 times during your flight to use the restroom, but you’ll thank me later! Staying hydrated also means to lay off the caffeine and alcohol. Ok, maybe one in-flight cocktail is fine to ease the stress of traveling. After that, stick to water! It will be your best friend during your long flight.

  3. Consider taking a sleeping pill or melatonin during long flights. This works for some people! Of course, check with your doctor first to make sure this is an option for you. Sleeping on a plane isn’t quite like sleeping in your own bed. Sleeping pills, sleeping masks and a neck pillow can help you fall into a restful sleep so you can still get some beauty sleep. One of our favorite remedies is No-Jet-Lag, this homeopathic product is easy to take and will no side effects.

Upon Arrival

Congrats, you made it! Now that you’ve arrived, it’s time to get moving.

Frequent travelers often suggest to do some light exercise or walking once you arrive at your destination. Obviously, if your flight arrives at night then hold off until morning to go on a brisk walk. The physical exertion will help your body transition, and being in the sunlight will help you adjust to local time.

I hope these tips help you beat jet lag on your next flight. Check out BETCHES article for more tips, we might even be featured!!!

What jet lag prevention tips do you swear by?

Let me know, and I’ll add them in!

Happy Long-Haul!