TravelBash Real Honeymoons: Katelyn & Kevin

Photo Credit: Mozingo Photography

Photo Credit: Mozingo Photography

Want to know the best part about weddings? THE HONEYMOON! You threw the wedding for family and friends, now let’s get to the good part.

See what our past clients, Katelyn & Kevin had to say about their special adventure!



Couple: Kevin and Katelyn

Date of Wedding: August 12, 2017

Honeymoon Location: St. Lucia

What would you say was your honeymoon style?

Beachy for sure!  We wanted everything included in our experience – food, plenty of adventures, no relaxation (all party).  We chose somewhere that had the option to relax, but also provided our high-energy lifestyle with plenty of activity.  We didn’t sleep at all!

Where did you stay?

 Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort

How did you decide on this location?

Easy, direct flight to an updated all-inclusive resort.

How long did you spend time there?

 7 days – This wasn’t long enough because we enjoyed it so much!

Favorite parts of your vacation? (do anything exciting and different?) 

 JJ’s Speed Boat Tour!  As mentioned above, Kevin and I really enjoy exploring, but exploring with an ice-cold cocktail is even better.  This allowed us to see the most beautiful parts of the island, snorkel, visit the active volcano, and have an authentic meal.

Also, the zip lining is thrilling!  This is a MUST.  Keep in mind that the island is very mountainous, so it is easy to get car sick…. Aka:  ME!

One thing every couple must do when on their honeymoon? 

Get a massage! There is always the potential for rain on a tropical island.  Pay attention to the weather and schedule the massage during this time!

Any other advice for couples planning their dream honeymoon?!

SPLURGE!  Take the helicopter ride, go on that extra excursion, sip a strong cocktail, and eat that extra sushi roll!

Katelyn and Kevin preparing to go ziplining on their honeymoon in St. Lucia.
Katelyn and Kevin on JJ's Speed Boat Tour during their honeymoon in St. Lucia.