Top 10 Girlfriend Getaway Spots

TravelBash founder Courtnie Nichols and her friend Malerie pose in the surf in Mexico.

My Favorite Girlfriend Getaway Destinations

Where should you go when it’s time to get away with the girls? Check out this list and tell me what you think. 


(These vacation spots are in no particular order.)

1. Charleston, SC

A fountain jetting water into the air in a Charleston square.

Charleston, oh how I love thee! One of my favorite destinations… with the beach in the daytime and hand crafted cocktails at night, what girl wouldn’t love to visit? For Foodies out there, HUSK is a must.

Note: King Street is the place to be for downtown shopping.

2. New Orleans, LA

Colorful buildings lining a New Orleans street.

This is the ultimate turn-up destination with great music and food. Make sure to stop by an all-time classic Café de Monde.

3. Las Vegas, NV

A sign welcomes visitors to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas was built to be a girls weekend paradise (we always get in FREE!). Pool parties, casinos, hangover brunches…You know what they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. One of my favorite hotels is The Cosmopolitan.

4. New York, NY

A tiny sailboat floats in front of the iconic New York City skyline.

Carrie Bradshaw and the rest of the girlies from Sex & the City showed us why New York is one of the hottest and most cultural cities in the US. What’s not to love? Great food + big city = great time!

5. Miami, FL

The American and Miami flags fluttering in a line of palm trees along the Miami waterfront.

Miami never disappoints. Clubs stay open all night, so don’t think about going to sleep. Work on your tan in the day and step out at night. Fontainebleau, Delano and the SLS Hotel are a few of my favorite go-to hotels on Collins St.

6. Nashville, TN

Colorful fireworks exploding against the night sky above Nashville, Tennessee.

Having been born in TN (who would have thought??), I know this state very well, and there is so much to do! This city sure has charm, and it is becoming one of the most popular cities in America. Country music, hip neighborhoods and southern comfort. Stop in The Gulch and have a drink on the rooftop at the Thompson Hotel or visit one of my favorites, Josephine, in the hip 12 South. The Kimpton Arteson is one of my fave places to stay when I am not bumming at one of my cousin’s house.

7. Barbados

Pale blue waves lap over the white sand of a Barbados beach.

If you wanted to go to the Caribbean, don’t worry, you’re not forgotten on this list! Welcome to Barbados. Rihanna is from this island—enough said! Beaches, culture and a lot of dancing. Real night life is found in St. Lawerance Gap as well as Holetown where all the bars and clubs are. 

8. Santiago, Dominican Republic

Lounge chairs circling a pristine pool at a Dominican resort.

So most people think of Punta Cana when planning their trip to the Dominican Republic ( I Did!),  but I learned Santiago has the best nightlife on the island. Don’t take my word for it! See for yourself. If you are looking for more culture check out the capital, Santo Domingo.

9. MEXICO!!!

A woman in a swimsuit gazing out at the distant mountains from the edge of an infinity pool.

Yes, I am talking about the whole country! I can’t decide which city isn’t popping! Between Cabo/Playa del Carmen/ Cancun or Riviera Maya…shoot, Mexico City for that matter, there is always something going on! If Mexico isn’t on your list, you are missing out. It will give you the biggest bang for your buck, so plan on making this destination an annual trip!

10. Montreal, Canada

A lovely old building lined with arches in Montreal, Canada.

It’s the largest city in Quebec and has an irresistible European charm. It’s great for a fall trip before it gets too cold. If you are looking at a 2nd place winner, I can't decide between Vancouver and Toronto so you pick! However, Toronto's famous Caribbean “Caribana” festival runs the month of July and ends the first weekend in August. A post on that later ;)

Honorable Mentions

So here are a few other cities and places I had to at least mention!

Shout out to:

  • San Diego, CA ( I want to move there one day),

  • Austin, TX,

  • Asheville, NC ( my friend celebrated her 30th there and it was a blast..... all time favorite: WAKE Foot Sanctuary)

  • Napa, CA (wine lovers),

  • Sedona AZ (for the spa junkies like myself),

  • Nantucket or Cape Cod (idea: New England road trip)

    Hotel Party Brand We Love: Breathless Resorts

So where are you and your girls off to next? Let me know! I would love to throw in a few hotspots and restaurant recommendations. P.S. It’s totally ok to dance on tables while you are gone too!

Happy Getaway!!!!