Top Bachelor Weekend Destinations: Cities Worth Leaving Her At Home

A group of smiling men riding in a golf cart at a tropical resort.

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Fellas, I’m speaking to you with this one. #LeaveYaGirlatHome

Ok, so I know none of you are the planning type, I get it. It’s usually the girls putting activities together and you just show up, but it’s your MAIN man’s bachelor party and you must admit, it has to be epic.

With that said, I am here to help you decide on the perfect location to get it in good at least one last time! With the help of a few close guy friends, I have put together a list of destinations worth leaving your girl at home.

(In no particular order!)

1. New Orleans

Potted ferns hang from an ornate blue wrought iron balcony in New Orleans.

Where do I start? There’s a good mix of casinos, nightlife and food. This city has a lot to offer. Make sure to stay in the French Quarter but venture off Bourbon street at least once during your trip.

2. Nashville

Nashville's skyline silhouetted against the pink sky at dusk.

A laid-back southern feel with great food and nightlife on Broadway. There are so many eclectic neighborhoods to explore and taverns to taste.

TravelBash Favorite: Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden. (hubby gives it 5 stars)

3. ATL

Cars zipping along Atlanta's highways at night between the glittering city lights.

Strip clubs, Sporting events, and the downtown scene with great rooftop bars and lounges. For a bite to eat, try Paschal’s Restaurant; a staple in the community. Also, remember to check out a couple of breweries in town, as well.

4. Miami

A yellow cab driving past a sign that reads "South Beach" in Miami.

Beautiful beach, beautiful ladies and clubs that stay open until 5 am. It’s Miami baby, enough said.

5. Vegas

Tourists wandering beneath a glitzy sign that reads "Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas."

The #1 US party destination. Why? Cheap hotels & drinks, casinos 24/7 pool parties, concerts, etc.… have you seen the Hangover? Make sure to plan this ahead of the big day, meaning no going out Friday and expecting to get married on Saturday. Bad idea! Where to stay?

TravelBash Favorites include the Aria, Bellagio, or the Cosmopolitan.  

6. Montego Bay, Jamaica

A Jamaican man in a blue shirt carving a coconut with a large knife.

Taking the boys to the Caribbean is sure to be a win. Montego Bay is known to stay turnt! Pier 1, Margaritaville and Rick’s Café never disappoint. The cliffs are amazing and the vibe there is priceless. Make sure to stay at the Breathless. And if you really want a VIP experience, snag the Mobay Pass through the airport for fast track service.


7. Cancun, Mexico

A hotel with three tiered pools sitting next to the ocean in Cancun, Mexico.

It has that Spring Break reputation. I mean, it’s super easy to get to, has tons of all-inclusive offerings, and the fun doesn’t stop. Nightlife includes Mandalay and the City, and for those who like live shows, Coco Bongo is the place to be. If you are thinking of upgrading your vacation to something a bit classier, try Riviera Maya. One of our favorites is UNICO 2087, their Palmera Lounge gives you a 1940s Cuban club experience. When in doubt, Cancun offers tons of activities outside the Hotel Zone worth your time. Then there is always Fifth Ave. Playa Del Carmen. Always choose the Thompson Hotel for that next level experience.

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A Few Extra Tips for You & The Boys:

  • Download Uber & Lyft, you will need it! If you are headed to the Caribbean or Mexico. Use AmStar, they will coordinate all of your airport transfers, excursions and even take you to the clubs/bars along the strip. 

  • Buy bottles before you hit the clubs; it will save you money and you can pre-game in the room.

  • Make sure you have the right tunes (the dude with the aux cord controls the vibe for the whole night).

  • For Caribbean accommodations, check out Breathless Resorts or Hard Rock Hotels for the best party atmosphere.

  • Speaking of accommodations, spend the extra money. I know your boys are cool with sleeping on the floor, or on the couch, but it’s worth it to upgrade. Get a suite or connecting room—do it up big, it’s for your boy.

  • Have suggestions for where to eat, but be flexible. Don’t be the “Logistics guy” but have an idea.

  • Try something new, it’s ok to be a little weird and do something different, you are with your boys!

  • Get Help; we all know you guys aren’t going to plan all the details. With that said, PLAN, please! You will thank me later.

  • Take off Monday; who goes to work with a hangover, well maybe we all have, but don’t. When you schedule the weekend off, go ahead and take one for the team and request the extra day. Your body and mind will thank you later.

  • Hangover Cure: Pedialyte and Advil before you go to bed. (swear by it)

Eat, Drink & Don’t Throw Up!