Millennial and Gen X audiences aren’t sold on static print ads and faceless corporations. They crave authenticity, personality, and connection.

Let’s give your future customers an up-close-and-personal look at everything your destination brand has to offer.

CEO & Founder of TravelBash

As a certified travel agent and the founder of TravelBash, I know a thing or two about what young, savvy audiences are looking for in a destination. Where they decide to spend their money (and vacation days) comes down to trusted recommendations, exceptional perks, and the causes they care about.

Trust me when I tell you they’re serious about investing in a good time. Organic, user-generated content that stems from a transparent, honest partnership is the most effective way to increase your visibility with this huge demographic.

At TravelBash, we seek to inspire others to explore and experience more. If you feel like your property, product, or service might ignite that same passion, we want to know! We love collaborating with brands that resonate with our own values and those of our audience.

For more information on potential collaborations, advertising opportunities, and/or coordinating an ambassador trip, drop us a line at