Let me give you a little bit of truth about Online Travel Agencies.

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) make their money by re-selling inventory at a lower price—meaning the hotels and resorts can’t sell them on their own, so they hand them off at a discount to OTAs (there must be a reason they can't fill that room, right?). So sometimes that great deal online might not be as great as you think. If you are booking on your own through an OTA, make sure to do the following:

  • Check dates

  • Are transfers included or extra? (transportation to & from the resort)

  • Do the resort credits match what's usually offered?

  • Same room type?

  • Insurance added or extra?

  • Cancellation terms?

OTAs often package your vacay differently to make the rate more enticing, so you always need to read the fine print. The biggest thing to look for is the no refund or trip cancellation protection—spending $3,000 on a romantic getaway that you can no longer go on and then losing the $$$ in the process, sounds like a SMH situation and I would be PISSED!

That’s why I am telling you, play it smart, use this link and avoid the potential headaches of an OTA (while still getting a great deal)!


Why Book Using Our Special Linke?

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  • We will follow-through on your reservation. We'll make sure everything goes smoothly.