We believe travel is more than an annual HOLIDAY or a summertime luxury


For us, travel is about escaping the daily routine and chasing the horizon that creates adventure, romance, discovery, and growth. It's about loving the people we're with and diving headfirst into everything the world has to offer. Travel is about becoming our best selves, and using every last vacation day.

At TravelBash, we're on a mission to help you see, do and be more by curating the ultimate travel experience.


Meet our Fearless LEADER

 Courtnie Nichols, TravelBash Owner

1st Solo Flight: Age 10

Favorite Destination: Italy

Favorite U.S. City: San Diego, CA

Travel Must Have: Ipad & Earbuds

CARRY-On Beauty Product: BITE Agave Lip Balm

I took my first solo flight at age 10, and have been hooked on traveling the world ever since. I decided to build my own travel company and now I get to plan extraordinary events and out of this world experiences for clients that are just as travel-obsessed as I am. I have lived and explored all over the US and Europe but currently live in Gainesville, Florida. When I am not boarding a plane or strolling the Caribbean, you can find me somewhere between college hoops, high tides and happy hour. 

Currently sipping on: Cucumber Mezcal Margarita

Next Big Trip: Morocco