“Exclusive” is boring. We design curated travel experiences based on YOU—your passions, your dreams and your vibe. Our goal? To help you live your best life and make sure you come home with incredible stories you can't wait to share. Working with us is not a transaction, it’s a relationship (hey boo), and we’re with you from start to finish. The only question you need to ask is: “When do I leave?”



Forget about the cookie-cutter cruises and the Ritz. The new definition of luxury isn’t about money. It’s about creating those one-of-a-kind, stylish, authentic and hashtag-worthy experiences. Our team of travel rebels are mixing up a unique cocktail of exceptional service, forward-thinking expertise, and passion, and guess what? It’s your turn at the bar. 

Courtnie Nichols, Founder of TravelBash
Courtnie Nichols, founder of TravelBash

We don’t compromise on a good time

You work hard and deserve to play hard, too. That means no budget airlines with 3 different layovers, no hostel dorms full of snoring backpackers, and definitely no watered-down drinks by the pool. We’re here to tell you that you can have the luxury and the 5-star suite WITHOUT sacrificing authenticity and adventure. Our clients are go-getters, explorers, and savvy travelers who live by the code of “experiences > things.” They’re just as comfortable trekking the jungle or wandering the medina as they are lounging in their private pool and ordering room service.