TravelBash Groups

Hey there, amigos...

Call up your crew cause Friday night drinks just got a whole lot more international.

Sure, you could do what you do every week and hit the bar with your friends, maybe host a dinner party or check out a show then wait an hour to get in your favorite spot—but doesn’t kicking back on a sun-soaked Caribbean beach sipping a cocktail, surrounded by your favorite people sound so much better? (Trust us, it is.)

Or maybe you and the gang are looking to shake things up a bit? Trek the cloud forests of Costa Rica together, hit some waves off the coast of Australia, or camp out under the stars in the Moroccan desert. The list is endless and good times are guaranteed.

Group trips can be a pain to plan but are an absolute blast once you’re there—let me handle the stressful bits while you and your BFFs focus on having the time of your lives.

What do you say?