4 Secret Travel Destinations You Need to See for Yourself

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There are places all over the world that could be considered heaven here on earth. Few people travel there because, well, they just don’t know about them, or the larger cities overshadow the smaller ones. While traveling the world, I have been fortunate enough to find these lovely places, walk the ancient roads, and explore these hidden gems of the world.   

Sibenik, Croatia

A collage of photos taken in Sibenik, Croatia, showing off the city's beautiful old buildings and lovely coastal views.

Located about an hour from Split, Sibenik is a medieval medium-sized town set on the Adriatic Sea. On your visit, you can walk the stone streets up the winding staircases that lead to hidden gardens, restaurants, and shops. Sit and have a coffee at one of the many places along the walking path—if you are traveling with children, there are gelaterias at every corner, along with a bouncy house located right on the water. Sibenik is an excellent day trip for solo travelers or group travel. You can get there by car or public bus.

Bangkok Tree House, Bangkok, Thailand

A collage of photos taken at Bangkok Tree House in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok is a very inexpensive place to visit. There are hundreds of affordable places with rooftop pools and rooftop bars. If you are looking for something different or out of the ordinary, check out the Bangkok Tree House. Getting there is a bit tricky, but once you are there you will find serenity. With the use of the hotel’s bikes for free, you can ride the boardwalk through the jungle to artist walks, and to the market where you can spend hours walking around, sampling traditional Thai food and shop local stores. At night, you can walk up to your rooftop patio and watch the sunset over the jungle with views of the city and river.

Moshi, Tanzania

A collage of photos taken in the vibrant Tanzanian city of Moshi, showing smiling children, blue lakes, starry skies, and the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Set under the shadows of Mt. Kilimanjaro is the beautiful and vibrant city of Moshi. Moshi is the starting point for most who want to attempt to climb the iconic mountain. Moshi is great if you are an adventure seeker or just looking for a different kind of vacation. From here, you can go on a Safari, explore natural wonders such as hot springs, or you can relax at many of the amazing hotels located around town. Moshi has something for everyone. Adventure starts here.

Appia Antica, Rome, Italy

A collage of photos showing different views of the ancient road Appia Antica lined with trees and sculptures.

One of the earliest known roads in the world is Via Appia Antica. Construction began in 312 and spanned from Rome to Brindisi. Now, the road is used for all sorts of activities, running, walking, biking, and even horseback riding. As you walk along the stone road you will pass the tombs of Romans past, and even statues dating back to this time still stand. You can take the 118 bus from the center of Rome to this area—it will only take you about 30 minutes. You can walk this way to your heart's content.



About the Author: Liz Richardson

Author of the "Wander Woman" blog, Liz Richardson.

Eight months ago Liz decided to leave everything behind in Spartanburg, South Carolina to pursue her dream of travel. As an award winning, published photographer and certified ESL teacher she has been snapping her way around the world, all the while teaching English and keeping up with her blog, Wander Woman.

Her journey began in Thailand where she taught in a school in the east for 4 months; after her contract was up, she decided to teach online to make frequent travel possible. Since leaving Thailand, she has spent 1 week in Cambodia, 3 weeks in Rome, 4 weeks in Croatia and is currently in Germany for 2 months with plans to head back to Italy at the end of her stay in Germany.

Liz is enthusiastic about sharing her travel knowledge and experiences. You can reach her through email travelwanderwoman@gmail.com, Facebook @travelwanderwoman, and Instagram travel_Wander_Woman.