Who Shouldn’t Use a Travel Advisor?

Two women stand with their backs turned, staring out at beautiful mountain scenery early in the morning.

With the internet at everyone’s fingertips 24/7, you might think that travel agents are slowly going the way of the dinosaur. Truth is, with more people interested in the sort of curated, sustainable, and one-of-a-kind experiences that only travel specialists can arrange, us agents are as vital to the travel planning process as ever.

That being said, some people don’t require the services of a travel professional for every single trip—and some people will never need them at all. Are you a Budget Bonnie or a Whatever Wally? Check out the five types of people who probably don’t need a travel advisor and find out!

Jet-Setting Jane

Jet-Setting Janes are avid travelers who are constantly on the go and have been-there-done-that all over the globe. These people know more about their destination than most travel agents—they’re practically locals themselves. Bonafide experts like these might even own a home or business in a foreign country, thanks to their jet-setting lifestyle. If that’s you, you definitely don’t need help from me or any other professional! (P.S. Can I come and visit your vacation home? Pretty please? 😍)

Content Connie

That’s “content” as in the thing digital marketing experts are always going on about, not the feeling. Content Connies are travelers who consume the latest travel blogs, review sites, and magazines like they’re going out of style. They’re obsessed with all that the internet has to offer and L-O-V-E to research their trips down to the last detail.

Top 10 lists and diary-style blog posts can be awesome resources, but they’re not always a) reliable, b) comprehensive, or c) up to date—that doesn’t bother a Content Connie, though! These intrepid explorers have no problem hitting the airport armed with nothing more than their TripAdvisor app and an armful of Lonely Planet guidebooks. Diehard DIY-ers like these guys are usually not interested in having someone else handle all the research and planning.

Budget Bonnie

When most people look at a beautiful picture of a far-off destination, they daydream about all the things they can see, do, and eat there—not Budget Bonnie, though! Budget Bonnies will look at that same picture and see price tags on everything. This kind of traveler is a deal-finding champ. They lurk on discount airfare forums and hostel booking platforms, and would never dream of paying for a flight without first double-checking the price on five different sites. For Budget Bonnies, the lowest price always equals the best deal. Someone who’s more concerned with saving a buck rather than getting the most bang for it will probably be happier handling their own trip planning.

Whatever Wally

These lackadaisical travelers are as chill as they come. Room right next to a noisy construction site? No biggie. Lumpy mattress and scratchy sheets? S’all good. Dorm full of snoring backpackers and young couples “discreetly” gettin’ it on under the covers? A-okay, hombre. Whatever Wallys roll with the punches and are simply happy to be there.

This carefree style of travel works for some but is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes all it takes is one small disappointment or catastrophe to ruin an entire trip. Whatever Wally’s hands-off travel planning methods really leave everything up to chance, but he doesn’t mind. If that sounds like you, then you’ll probably be happy with your trip whether a travel agent helps plan it or not.

No Frills Frank

Despite some similarities, No Frills Franks aren’t quite as easy-going as Whatever Wallys or as penny-pinching as Budget Bonnies—they simply don’t care about swag, upgrades, or special attention. It might sound crazy, but some people really don’t give a shit about… well, free shit!

Using a travel agent typically nets you some cool benefits and perks that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, thanks to your agent’s connections and industry know-how. No Frills Franks aren’t concerned with getting preferential treatment and are totally content with an economy-style vacation experience. If the appeal of early check-ins, room upgrades, and private trip add-ons doesn’t really do it for you, then you might not get as much out of a relationship with a travel professional as others.

So, what do you think—any of these descriptions strike a chord? Are you someone whose travel priorities don’t really mesh with the benefits a travel agent brings to the table? It’s 100% okay if that’s the case! Plenty of travelers are happy researching, planning, and booking their own trips.

And if you need a little help sometimes, or if you simply enjoy the special touches and bespoke experiences that travel advisors provide, then don’t hesitate to hit me up! Us travel pros do more than just sell travel—we are all about creating unique experiences perfectly tailored to you. My goal is to add comfort, value, and fun to your adventure, and that goes beyond a one-time transaction.

Think of me as your travel-obsessed, cocktail-sipping BFF (the one who knows all the hottest vacay spots and can sniff out a great flight deal from a mile away) and remember: friends don’t let friends take crappy vacations. I’ve got you, boo 😘