Easy Summer Travel Beauty Guide

A woman with freckles and subtle makeup runs a hand through her curly hair.

Anquetta “Queen” Carr, owner of HAIRAPY BY QUEEN studio salon in Gainesville, FL, shares her best summer beauty tips with us below  👇 (Check out her bio at the end for more info!)



Ahh, summertime! Birds chirping, oceans waves calling... life is good. But despite how much your inner sun goddess is loving those golden rays, summer can be pretty rough on your outer bits—namely, your skin and hair! Check out these key beauty survival tips to keep yourself looking fresh and cool all summer long:

First, let's talk about hair.

Summertime can really do a number on your hair. You're either doomed to walk around with limp, dry locks thanks to the heat or a gravity-defying mess that no hair product can tame, courtesy of all that nasty humidity (my curly girls, you know what I'm talking about!).

The first step to great summer hair is: REDUCE THE HEAT. That’s right, ladies, put your hands up and step away from the flat iron! Limit your hairdryer use as much as possible. Embrace heatless styles like braids, curls, loose ponytails, buns, and updos. For added protection from the scorching sun, bust out your favorite sun hat! (Bonus: hats do double duty since they also protect the sensitive skin on your face from sunburn.)

Step two may seem obvious, but I’ll say it anyway: DRINK MORE WATER! Hydration really is key. Seriously, your hair and body will love you for it—water hydrates your scalp and skin like nothing else can. The priciest hair products in the world aren’t gonna save you if you’re not drinking enough water.

Lastly: CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION! Remember that during the summer it’s especially important to work a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner into your routine. It’s also a good idea to run a little conditioner through your locks before you swim to avoid any dryness and damage to your hair. Another thing to avoid is washing your hair too often—try co-washing to clean effectively while still maintaining your hair’s health and hydration.

Next, let’s tackle skin.

Love the skin you’re in by—you guessed it—drinking more water! I know I sound like a broken record here, but I really can’t stress that one enough.

It’s also very important during summertime to EXFOLIATE! Get rid of those dry summer scales by exfoliating from head to toe with scrubs, AHA lotions, or another exfoliator of your choice. (I love a good DIY sugar scrub—one of my personal faves is made with sugar, bananas, and honey!)

Another summer beauty must is MOISTURIZING. As often as you can remember, pop out that lotion and apply away! You can even use lotions and moisturizers with SPF to boost the protective power of your sunscreen (just make sure you’re actually applying sunscreen afterwards! Sunburn’s not only painful, it also wreaks long-term havoc on your poor skin. 😱)

Lastly, let’s tie it all together with a little makeup!

Everything wonderful starts with a good base! Protect your skin from sunburn and dryness with a light, oil-free face cream with SPF. Next, save your makeup from the sweltering heat of summer by using a primer! (This extra step is crucial for keeping you from looking like a melty wax statue version of yourself.)

After priming, it's time to pucker up, baby! Go light on the lip color to keep your look fresh and summery. Brighten things up with the sheer version of your favorite lipstick shades for a light, breezy pop of color.

Lastly, remember to BLOT! BLOT! BLOT! It’s like that old saying goes: “Keep your friends close and your blotting papers closer.” Nothing will ruin your summer look faster than sweating off all that carefully applied makeup! So blot away (and consider using a finishing/setting powder for extra reinforcement, if needed).




About The Author: Anquetta “Queen” Carr


I am the proud owner of HAIRAPY BY QUEEN studio salon in Gainesville, FL. I’ve been licensed in the business of beauty for 8 years, but my passion for hair and all things beautiful was sparked the very first time I picked up a Barbie and a brush. It was love at first brush stroke!

I started out as a student at The Salon Professional Academy and graduated with multiple awards and distinctions. My professional journey began as a makeup artist and assistant coach at the Miss Angola USA pageant, after which I became a Premium Salon Stylist for Regis Corporation at Hair Plus, where I specialized in haircuts, color, and extensions.

As a salon owner, I now enjoy doing hair and makeup for weddings, pageants, photoshoots, and other once-in-a-lifetime events. Most of all, I enjoy the company of the wonderful people that sit in my chair and get to leave looking and feeling like a whole new person. I believe the salon experience should go beyond esthetics and make you shine from the inside out! I take pride in listening to my guests’ vision and giving my all to make it a reality.

Instagram: @queen_hairapy . Facebook: @Hairapybyqueen