How to Convince Bae a Destination Wedding is the Right Choice


So, you’re recently engaged (congrats!) and have decided you want to have a destination wedding, because who doesn’t right? (it’s true, I am biased). Destination weddings are quickly becoming THE way to have a beautiful, unique and exciting wedding that fits your style without the price tag of a traditional wedding. Sure, you’ve done all the research, but now comes the hard part: it’s time to get Bae on board.

To help you out, I’ve compiled everything you need to convince your new fiancé that a destination wedding is the perfect choice for your big day! I will boil it down to the 4 key things you need to focus on to make a convincing case: Destination weddings cost less money, require fewer people, and are overall more fun!

If Bae asks...

“Are Destination Weddings More Expensive?”

Let’s be real here — we all know weddings can be expensive, like new car expensive. There is no way to trick your significant other into thinking this thing is going to be free! However, the most common misconception is that destination weddings are more expensive than a traditional wedding — this is totally not true!

The average cost of a destination wedding is under $20,000 which is LESS than a traditional wedding (the national average for a traditional wedding is typically around $35,000). Plus, many couples combine the destination wedding and the honeymoon into one package which saves even more money!

When you start to look at how all the costs add up, you’ll notice that not only are destination weddings cheaper for you, but they are cheaper for your guests, too!

Destination Wedding vs. Traditional Wedding Cost Comparison

“What If Not Everyone Can Make It to the Destination?”

This question becomes very easy when you start thinking about it as a positive! Think about it: It’s your special day, and you want to share it with the people who mean the most to you. Sometimes, you may not want to invite every person you’ve ever met — or more specifically, you need to make sure your crazy uncle doesn’t get his invite. No problem.

A destination wedding typically has a more intimate ceremony and reception (also read: less money!), and you end up getting to spend more time with those people who mean the most to both of you.

Like I said earlier, the destination wedding actually ends up being cheaper for guests, and if you have a smaller group (when you can do more to help get your VIPs there) this becomes even truer.

Guests love it, you love it. Everyone wins!

Bonus Tip: Still want to let a lot of people feel included in your celebration without piling on the wedding guest list? Throw a party back at home before or after the destination wedding and invite everyone you would have invited otherwise. They get to spend time with you and celebrate, and don’t feel the obligation to travel to the wedding!

“What Happens After the Wedding?”

Worried about the “rest” of the trip? Fear not! This is actually one of the biggest benefits of choosing a destination wedding.

By choosing a destination wedding location that fits both of your interests, you’ll have the option to explore the area, go on excursions, taste the local food — anything, really! Of course, some of this can happen with your guests to show them a good time, but there is another option!

You and Bae can choose to hang around after your guests have gone back home, and instantly you’re on your honeymoon! Beautiful destination? Check. Incredible resort location with amenities? Check. Time alone with your best friend? Check. Sounds like a honeymoon to me!

“Can We Customize Destination Weddings to Our Style?”

This question is too easy! Of course, you can! That’s actually one of the biggest reasons my husband and I, personally, chose this kind of wedding over the traditional — we wanted it to be completely unique to us, and only with a destination wedding can you really pull that off!

There’s something about being in a new location away from your everyday life that allows you to loosen up and say goodbye to traditional clichés. You finally feel free to do what YOU want. And, the best part? Resorts and onsite staff are usually willing to let you do whatever you want to do to make the wedding feel like your own.

Want to ditch champagne toasts for tequila shots? Do it! (This is actually something we did at our wedding!)

Want to go beyond picking the perfect venue by also picking the most amazing wedding backdrop that fits both of your personalities? Take your pick from sandy beaches to mountain getaways to lush vineyards!

All around, destination weddings allow for more personalization and more personality! Your imaginations can run wild, and it won’t cost you nearly as much as it would back home.

Need Me to Help Do Some Convincing?

Sometimes Bae just needs to hear it from someone else or see cold hard facts and examples of other people who have pulled off incredible weddings for an incredible price tag. That’s where I love to step in! Hit me up if you want to get on the phone and start talking about exactly what we could do for you and your situation. My goal is to make sure you’re able to have the most unforgettable wedding that fits your personalities.