How to Plan a Totally Instagrammable Girls Trip in Europe

Two girls stand in front of the wooden counter of an open-air cafe in Spain.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Spice Girls, it’s that friendship never ends (also to slam it to the left if we’re having a good time, but that’s beside the point).

Scheduling quality time with our fave ladies is important! They laugh with us, offer a shoulder to cry on when we need it, set us straight when we spiral into self-doubt, and let us be our most authentic and ridiculous selves with no judgment. Strong female friendships make us happier and healthier (it’s science!), and what better way to celebrate those friendships than with a fabulous and fun girls getaway to Europe—land of delicious food, bottomless wine, and phenomenal photo ops.

We’ve rounded up some of the most Instagram-worthy spots on the continent and paired them with our favorite travel photography tips and tricks. Assemble the squad—it’s time to get planning!



IG-worthy spots in Europe

Positano | Amalfi Coast, Italy

Carved right into the cliffs above the topaz water, Positano is the dramatic jewel in the Amalfi Coast’s crown. The city is so stunning that It’s physically impossible to take a bad photo here—trust us.

St. Luke’s Mews | London, England

London is full of Instagrammable streets, but none can top St. Luke’s Mews for pastel charm and pinkies-up British class. The perfect place to snap your #ootd, #prettyinpink, or #designgoals pic.

Sunset Point in Göreme | Cappadocia, Turkey

I guarantee you’ve drooled over the pics before: hot air balloons rising slowly skyward above Cappadocia’s otherworldly fairy chimneys as the sun streaks the horizon with color. Head to Sunset Point in the Turkish city of Göreme** to capture some breathtaking photos of your own.

**Okay, okay, we know that technically only 3% of Turkey is actually in Europe (the other 97% being in Asia), but Cappadocia is just too damn beautiful to leave off this list! Apologies for getting a bit cheeky with the geography. 😉

Eltz Castle | Wierschem, Germany

What could be more quintessentially Instagrammable than a fairytale castle nestled in the hills of the German countryside? Be sure to pack a flowy skirt and practice your twirl.

Oia | Santorini, Greece

With millions of visitors flocking to the tiny island every year, Santorini is certainly no hidden gem… but it’s postcard views are plastered all over your Insta feed for a reason! Head to the village of Oia for an incredible shot of those iconic blue domes.

Nyhavn | Copenhagen, Denmark

Cheerful color-blocked townhouses line this 17th-century waterfront, fishing rigs and tour boats bobbing gently in the canal that cuts through its center. Throw on your most minimalist, Nordic-inspired outfit and channel those #coolgirlvibes.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral | Moscow, Russia

Calling all color fans—Saint Basil’s Cathedral is basically a kaleidoscope come to life. Find it looming majestically over the south end of Moscow’s Red Square (and bring a furry hat to really nail that “I’m in Russia!” look).

Bruges | Belgium

Cobblestone streets, meandering canals, gorgeous medieval houses… Bruges is pure magic. Set aside a few days to enjoy its historic charm and (of course) stuff your face with gourmet Belgian chocolate.

Seljalandsfoss | South Iceland

Located on the South coast of Iceland just off the Ring Road is the jaw-dropping Seljalandsfoss—a 200-foot waterfall you can actually walk behind. Yes, it is exactly as cool as it sounds.

Burano | Venice, Italy

Venice proper may hog most of the spotlight, but the tiny island of Burano—just a 40-minute vaporetto ride from the city—should not be overlooked. Think candy-colored fishing cottages, winding canals, charming eateries, and delicate handmade lace.



What to bring

Some packing list suggestions to help you turn your Instagram feed into the envy of all your friends:

💼 Your smartphone and/or camera (duh).

💼 Your absolute favorite outfits. You do NOT want to be feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable on your trip or during a photoshoot—wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself is the key to looking fabulous in photos.

If you can, bring a variety of different clothes and accessories so that you can change up your look to match your mood and surroundings.

💼 A bendy, lightweight tripod so you can capture cute and candid group shots. This one even comes with a wireless remote shutter!

💼 Fun props! They could be anything from a colorful umbrella or a flower crown to a vintage bag or even a stuffed animal. Think about the kind of pictures you want to take and what sort of unique, personal touch you’d like to add to them.

💼 Mobile lenses. These are definitely optional but will give smartphone photographers a ton of flexibility when it comes to the types of shots they want to capture. Kits like this one are easy to slide into a suitcase and budget-friendly!



Tips and tricks

A magician never reveals her secrets... but a helpful travel concierge does! Use these tried and true travel tips (whew, tongue-twister) to make sure every shot you snap is a winner:

📸 Popular photo spots (especially places with a great view of the sunrise or sunset) get CROWDED—be sure to arrive an hour or so in advance to snag the perfect angle for your pic.

📸 Try to include people in some of your photos. They add emotion, interest, and scale to what might otherwise be a flat landscape or city shot.

📸 Shoot in landscape or portrait mode rather than using Instagram’s pre-cropped square. You’ll have more control over the photo’s composition when you crop it later.

📸 Use the Rule of Thirds when composing your shot—your pictures will instantly look more professional.

📸 Be on the lookout for ‘Grammable moments. Think pops of saturated color, stark shadows, interesting patterns, or beautiful light.

That being said…

📸 Keep things simple and stay in the moment. Collecting gorgeous photos of your trip is awesome but not if that means you’re missing out on the firsthand experience of those moments. Snap your pics, then put your camera away and fully immerse yourself in the here and now.

Are you and your BFFs dying to hit the road and spend some quality girl time abroad? Let me help you plan the perfect girls getaway to suit your style and budget!