Travel Trends You Need to Know: Mini-moons, Mega-moons, and Babymoons

A man and woman walk barefoot along a beach in front of a brilliant sunset.

There’s a new “moon” in town—a bunch of them, in fact.

Millennials have already revamped the travel industry with their focus on bespoke itineraries, authentic experiences, and Instagram-worthy locales. It’s only natural that they’re putting their own stamp on the traditional honeymoon, too.

Gone are the days of traditional weddings held in hometown churches and two-week honeymoons spent at chain resorts, with more and more couples opting for less conventional marriages and adventures abroad to match.

Enter: mini-moons, mega-moons, and babymoons.

I know I’m throwing a whole lot of “-moon” talk at you right now, so let’s break these trendy trips down one by one!

A man and woman sit in a hotel bed sipping coffee with a breakfast tray in front of them.

🌘 Mini-moons

These bite-sized trips are like the Kit Kat Minis of the honeymoon world: short, sweet, and just enough to satisfy your craving.

Once the “I do”s are done, the cake’s been cut, and the dance floor’s cleared out, the thought of heading to the airport for a long, activity-packed honeymoon can be exhausting. Some couples are opting instead for a quick ‘n easy mini-moon immediately after their wedding and saving the lengthy traveling for later in the year.

Mini-moons can be whatever you want them to be, but above all, they’re meant to be RELAXING. Think a long weekend in a boutique hotel on the Californian coast, a quick jaunt down to Mexico for cocktails on the beach, a few nights of romance in Paris, or even a cozy staycation with bae at home (rule numero uno: phones off!).

There are plenty of benefits to the mini-moon: unwinding from the stress of planning your wedding, spending quality time with your new hubby or wife, giving your finances some time to recover before the proper honeymoon, and (most importantly) having time to breathe after all the wedding craziness.

R&R is the name of the mini-moon game, and once your battery’s back to 100%, the real adventure begins!

Mini-moon tips:

  • Choose a destination that’s convenient to your wedding location! If you’re getting married in the Caribbean, hop over to a neighbouring island for a couple of nights; if you’re tying the knot in your hometown, escape to the nearest B&B for the weekend.

  • Don’t sweat the details! Mini-moons are meant to be relaxing, not stressful. Keep things simple and focus on just enjoying your time with bae.

A man and woman walk up a grassy hill in front of the ocean in Indonesia.

🌔 Mega-moons

What’s better than one honeymoon? Two honeymoons! (I think every traveler would agree.)

Also known as “maxi-moons,” mega-moons are the six-course meal to the mini-moon’s appetizer—a romantic getaway and epic adventure all rolled into one massive trip-of-a-lifetime.

Mega-moons are typically taken later than a traditional honeymoon, sometimes months after the wedding excitement is over and done with, but that’s by design: these trips are long, elaborate, and packed with amazing experiences. The extra time to plan and finance a mega-moon means couples can craft the perfect getaway without compromise.

As the name suggests, these vacations are all about going big. This isn’t your grandparents’ honeymoon—think less “driving through France for a week” and more “6 months hopping around Asia.”

What a mega-moon looks like is entirely up to the newlyweds planning it, and there are plenty of options to choose from: a “giving-moon” spent volunteering abroad and injecting your new marriage with a dose of good karma; an “adventure-moon” made up of wild experiences in off-the-beaten-path destinations; or even a “foodie-moon” that revolves around sampling as many different and delicious cuisines as possible.

Whatever your mega-moon involves, it’s guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Mega-moon tips:

  • Like all long trips, mega-moons mean a lot of planning and organization—if you’re not feeling up to it yourself, hiring a pro to handle the itinerary for you might be the way to go.

  • Although they take the place of a traditional honeymoon, mega-moons don’t have to be all about the romance if you don’t want them to be! If the thought of couples massages and room service makes you and bae yawn, no worries—plan the trip that YOU want and don’t worry about what a honeymoon “should” look like.

A pregnant woman in bikini bottoms and a flowy white top walks along a beach.

🌕 Babymoons

Babymoons are a bit different from mini- and mega-moons in that they don’t necessarily happen after a wedding. Instead, they’re trips taken by expectant mothers and their partners in order to relax and reconnect before the new addition to the family arrives.

Babies are little bundles of joy, but they also bring with them a whole bunch of new responsibilities, emotions, and stress—taking a babymoon is the perfect way for parents-to-be to indulge in some kid-free pampering, enjoy each other’s company, and take advantage of the chance to sleep in while they can.

Babymoons are typically taken during the second trimester of pregnancy (after the 12-week scan), as it’s safer to fly then. It’s always a good idea to chat with your doctor or midwife about your trip plans if you’re concerned about the flight!

As far as activities go, chances are you’re not going to be white-water rafting or zip-lining on your babymoon—instead, plan for pregnancy-friendly activities like spa days, live shows, snorkeling, sightseeing, cooking classes, etc.

Whether you and your boo are expecting your first child or need a break before your fourth, a babymoon is the perfect way to celebrate your growing family!

Babymoon tips:

  • Make sure you build some downtime into the vacay to account for days when you might not feel up to doing a whole lot.

  • Opt for smaller boutique hotels during your babymoon—fewer guests and a more intimate stay mean the staff is likely to make an effort to ensure you’re well looked after during your time there.