The Best Destination Wedding Locations for Foodie Brides

If you’re planning a destination wedding and you’re most looking forward to what you will eat, consider yourself a foodie bride! One of the best parts about getting married in a different culture is you get a taste of the native flavors. Sometimes the local food is what really makes your experience INCREDIBLE, and it makes it hard to go back home.

Friends, romance, food—what else could you possibly need for a spectacular destination wedding?

Lucky for you, I have some inspiration for all you foodie brides out there to help you pick your ultimate destination wedding location.



A plate filled with luscious-looking grapes, olives, cheese, and crackers.

Greek weddings are full of traditions like the stefana, or wedding crowns and the kalamatiano, where the bridal party joins hands and dances in a circle to celebrate the newlyweds.

But the best part about Greek weddings is the food!

The classic dolmadakia are perfect appetizers for your guests. These are bite-sized grape leaves stuffed with ground lamb or beef and rice. Plus, they hook you up with lemon wedges for a hint of zesty flavor.

And if that doesn’t have your mouth watering as much as it does mine, moussaka is the ultimate main dish of Greece. In moussaka, you get beef layered with eggplant and cooked in tomato sauce, and a béchamel sauce. It is creamy and savory, and will leave you feeling like you’re in your very own “big fat Greek wedding!”




An exquisitely-plated meal at a Parisian restaurant.

Now you already know Paris is the city of love, but have you realized that Paris is starting to become the world capital for food?? I can’t get enough of the cuisine in this city!

The go-to snack food for a destination wedding in Paris is foie gras. Ok, ok, I get it, you might be turned off by the fact that it is made from the liver of a duck or goose, but for all you foodie destination brides who might also be a little adventurous, you know what a delicacy this luxurious dish can be—so you HAVE to give it a try. They often pair it with simple crackers for the perfect appetizer.  

A staple entrée in the Parisian cuisine is light and fresh salmon, and if you’re not pairing it with a side of seasonable vegetables and steak frites, you’re missing out!

Finish all that off with choux a la crème for dessert, also known as a profiterole—a pastry filled with whipped cream custard or ice cream—and there is no better way to end the night.



A woman pours wine above a rustic table laid with candles, flowers, and dishes.

I could live in Italy, I love it so much! The views are breathtaking and the food is even better. For the bride venturing to Italy, the classic Italian wedding dinner consists of at least four courses, and believe me when I say this is gonna be some of the best food you’ll ever have.

Starting off with the antipasta, or starter course, a bruschetta is a perfect combination of savory with a hint of sweet, as well as warm and cold. Finish that off with a glass of Prosecco, an Italian dry champagne, and you’ve got yourself a killer appetizer.

Then you get into the main dishes which is where the pasta and meat come into play—you get the primo piatto (pasta) and the secondo piatta (meat).

And then, to end the four course meal, dolci, desserts—either a fresh fruit cake, classic gelato or tiramisu! More, please!


A tray of tasty-looking roll-ups.

From the white sandy beaches to beautiful Gaudi architecture, Barcelona is a wonderful city in so many ways.

Their food does not fall short and anyone who has visited La Boqueria, their major market, knows how fresh and vibrant the food is.

A bride who chooses to have her destination wedding in Barcelona has to dive deep into the culture and embrace the tapas style, which are many different small plates shared with the table.

The perfect dish to start off a Barcelona wedding is patatas bravas: potatoes cut and served with an aioli and spicy sauce on top. Here, we’re talking about comfort food and elegance—and, vibrant spices. Seafood paella is another must-try.

And then for dessert, crema catalana is the choice. It’s similar to crème brûlée, but crème catalane is not baked and is flavored with cinnamon and a hint of lemon. It is topped with a crust of caramelized sugar, so you get that creaminess and crunchiness balanced like only the Spanish can.


If you want to immerse yourself in your destination’s culture, food is a major part of that. Allow you and your guests to get the full experience of another culture by sharing their traditions and recipes—trust me, it will completely change the wedding experience!

If you need more tips, or have more questions about some of the INCREDIBLE stuff I’ve eaten around the world, shoot me a comment on my contact form!