Top 20 Destination Wedding Locations in the World

A trail of flower petals leads up to a beautiful wedding alter decorated in gauzy whit e fabric and red flowers on a quiet tropical beach.

Picking the perfect location for your destination wedding is one of the BEST parts of the planning process (turns out browsing through photos of gorgeous, exotic venues is hella fun—who knew?) but it can also be a bit overwhelming! With so many incredible locations to choose from, where do you even begin?

No need to panic! We’ve scoured the globe for the absolute best destination wedding locations and rounded up the top 20 below. From balmy seaside ceremonies to breathtaking jungle backdrops, old-world glamour to slick city glitz—whatever your dream wedding looks like, you’ll find it here.

Palm trees and black rock overlooking the blue waters of Hawaii.

Hawaii, USA

All the perks of a destination wedding—without a passport! Lush tropical views, beautiful weather year-round, and easy access make Hawaii a favorite for couples looking to tie the knot close to home. As an added bonus, you can easily hop over to one of the other islands for your honeymoon afterwards!


A white wedding alter decorated with flowers and neat aisles of white chairs set up on a beach in the Florida Keys.

Florida Keys, USA

Although they’re still part of the United States, the Keys have a uniquely laid-back charm that comes from plenty of sunshine and ocean air. The ideal place for couples who want a low-stress, passport-free location that still delivers all the warm island vibes you need.


A glitzy neon sign reads "4 Queens" on a street corner in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas, USA

Imagining Elvis impersonators and drive-thru chapels? Think again! Getting married in Vegas can be as casual or classy as you want, not to mention inexpensive, quick, and easy. Wedding chapels in Vegas are pros at what they do, and will have your wedding planned and organized (without you having to lift a finger!) in no time.


A pool at a luxury resort in Mexico, surrounded by palm trees and lounge chairs, is illuminated by underwater lights.


Mexico is a fantastic destination wedding option, with hundreds of stunning venues to choose from in all corners of the country. Resorts often offer premium wedding packages that will guarantee you the gorgeous, stress-free ceremony of your dreams. Other perks? Beautiful beaches, warm weather, vibrant culture, and amazing food.


The moon overlooks palm trees and seaside buildings dotting a sandy beach in Jamaica.


If budget is a concern, Jamaica offers incredible bang for your destination wedding buck! Spectacular beaches and booming nightlife make this island the perfect place to both unwind and play, and its popularity as a wedding destination means your special day will be in capable hands no matter which resort you pick.


A woman in a white dress walks along a white sand beach in the Dominican Republic as palm trees sway in the breeze.

Dominican Republic

A quick direct flight from most major U.S. airports, the Dominican Republic is the most visited country in the Caribbean—for good reason! A diverse blend of cultures, close to 1,000 miles of silky white sand beaches, and nonstop sunshine await visitors to the island. It doesn’t hurt that, like Jamaica, the Dominican Republic has one of the best price-to-value ratios around when it comes to planning your destination wedding.


A large building is perched on a green hill in Bermuda, overlooking a white sand beach and deep blue ocean.


Bermuda might share its balmy weather and island flair with its Caribbean sisters, but make no mistake—it has a soul all its own. Sitting off the coast of South Carolina, this tropical paradise boasts dazzling pink sand beaches, colorful reefs, and a blissful sense of privacy and tranquility that’s perfect for couples who want something more elegant.


A clear blue pool fringed with palm trees and white lounge chairs at a resort in Aruba.


Plenty of islands offer sunny beaches, but Aruba’s coastline is on a whole other level. The supremely beautiful Eagle Beach is ranked one of the top 10 beaches in the world and would make for a magnificent backdrop in your wedding photos—think endless ivory sands soft under your feet and water so blue it looks like an Instagram filter IRL. Couples looking for THE perfect beach wedding, look no further!


Tranquil waves lap at a palm-lined beach in Puerto Rico against an evening sky tinged with the pink.

Puerto Rico

Between the historic cobbled streets of Old San Juan, mist-clad rainforest, sun-drenched beaches, and nights filled with the infectious rhythm of salsa,Puerto Rico might just be one of the most romantic places to get married. Pick the perfect venue from the hundreds on offer and don’t worry about packing your passport—you won’t need it!


A white wedding alter and rows of white chairs sit on a hilltop overlooking the blue ocean in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

U.S. Virgin Islands

With three breathtaking islands—St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas—to choose from, the U.S. Virgin Islands are the perfect destination for couples who want an exotic wedding experience without the hassle of heading farther abroad. Idyllic beach towns, awe-inspiring natural beauty, and world-class cuisine will guarantee you and your guests have a wonderfully relaxing time from the minute you step off the plane.


A white sand beach stretches along the Bahamian coast against a backdrop of trees and resorts.

The Bahamas

Blue skies and bluer waters, delicious Bahamian food, and adorable swimming pigs are just a few of the reasons you should consider heading to the Bahamas for your destination wedding. With over 700 islands to explore (30 of which are inhabited), this tropical archipelago offers stunning vistas and upscale resorts alongside plenty of adventure.


An illuminated swimming pool is lined by candlelit tables and chairs in front of a resort restaurant in Turks & Caicos.

Turks & Caicos

Barefoot on the beach, in a grand ballroom, in a brightly-colored church, or on the bow of a sailboat with the sea breeze in your hair—however you want to say “I do,” it can happen in Turks & Caicos! Luxury-loving couples will fall head over heels for the island’s upscale venues and restaurants, especially those found along the mind-blowingly beautiful (and world-renowned) Grace Bay Beach.


Old buildings in pastel yellow and pink line a busy street leading to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Paris, France

Ah, Paris. Is there any other city in the world that so perfectly embodies romance? The City of Light has everything a pair of lovers could want—elegance, charm, art, culture, and history (not to mention all the warm, buttery croissants you can eat). France is a bit farther afield than the Caribbean, but if you’ve always dreamed of that classic fairytale wedding, Paris is a must.


Big Ben jutting up towards the blue sky in London, England.

London, UK

Just like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, you too can have your very own royal wedding in the UK’s bustling capital. London is a world-class destination with plenty to offer couples looking for a dose of British refinement and tradition. Whether you opt for a glamorous cathedral or a posh modern hotel, your big day is sure to be one for the books.


Ships, sailboats, and small fishing boats bob on calm waters in a busy Monaco harbor.


The tiny principality of Monaco is living proof that good things really do come in small packages. Bordered by France on three sides and the Mediterranean Sea on one, a wedding celebrated in this pint-sized country feels exclusive and luxe. Think glitzy casinos, supercars, haute cuisine, and spectacular sunsets over the bay. Swooning yet? We sure are!


Orange lounge chairs sit on a dock over calm waters against a backdrop of lush rainforest and volcanic rock formations in St. Lucia.

St. Lucia

Picture a gorgeous beach wedding—turquoise waters, soft white sand, palm trees swaying in the warm breeze. Add in a backdrop of lush rainforest and otherworldly volcanic spires and you’ve got St. Lucia in a nutshell. It’s no wonder this serene Caribbean island is one of the hottest wedding destinations around! Bonus: no need to plan a separate honeymoon ‘cause you’ll never want to leave.


Two wicker chairs and a small table sit on a balcony overlooking the charming city of Dublin, Ireland.


If you’re looking to tie the knot somewhere a little less conventional, Ireland should be top of your list. The countryside has the sort of wild beauty that inspires poetry, studded with medieval castles and pastoral estates, and the people are warm and welcoming. For seriously stunning wedding photos, pay a visit to the Emerald Isle’s rugged western coast.


Boats sit on the water in front of a picturesque town and rugged mountains in Croatia.


Croatia’s days as a hidden gem might be over, but its skyrocketing popularity is no mistake—this Eastern European country has beauty and charm in spades. Picturesque Dubrovnik is definitely the most popular choice for destination weddings, but don’t count out the rest of the country in your search! Hvar, Vis, Lokve, and Porec all hold their own special appeal (and are absolutely gorgeous, to boot).


A river lined with lush plants and trees tumbles over a tiny waterfall in front of a volcano in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

A green jewel at the heart of Central America, Costa Rica is a small country with big-time natural beauty. Adventurous couples will be enchanted by the mist-clad cloud forests, volcanoes, and incredible biodiversity, while those looking for something a little more relaxing will find bliss on the sunny beaches along the Caribbean shore. If your dream wedding involves a healthy dose of nature, Costa Rica is definitely the place for you.


A minimalist wedding alter decorated in white fabric and flowers and rows of white chairs sit on a beach lined with glowing lamps.

St. Kitts & Nevis

The two-island nation’s unique blend of vibrant Caribbean ambiance and dreamy mellowness lures visitors back year after year to its pristine shores. St. Kitts and its smaller sister Nevis offer couples the chance to have a Caribbean wedding without the crowds—a godsend for couples in search of someplace warm, beautiful, and quiet to say their vows. The twin islands’ blissful, gentle atmosphere will hook you from the second your toes touch the sand.


A hotel surrounded by vibrant tropical greenery sits at the edge of the brilliant turquoise ocean in Barbados.


Barbados might be famous for its fantastic beaches (as it should be), but this island paradise has more to offer than simply sunbathing! Its capital city, Bridgetown, is Unesco World Heritage-listed and steeped in rich history, and nighttime on the island pulses to the mesmerizing beats of calypso, reggae, and soca. For a destination wedding that captures the proud heart and soul of the Caribbean, there’s no better locale than Barbados.

So now that you have some inspiration, tell us what locations are you thinking about?

Our clients favorite destinations to get married include:

  • Eastern Mexico: From Riviera Maya to Tulum.

  • Western Mexico: Cabo San Lucas

  • Dominican Republic: Punta Cana & Puerto Plata

  • Jamaica: Mobay, Negril & Ocho Rios

  • Costa Rica: San Jose & Libera

Once you’ve got your dream destination picked out, it’s time to start planning!! Not sure where to begin? Check out our destination wedding planning tips to help jumpstart the process (and download the handy checklist for FREE!).