Top Honeymoon Destinations and The Best Time to Visit Them

So, you say you want to go to the Eiffel Tower? Don’t let us stop you! But, do let us offer a quick reminder that your dream destination may not be so dreamy in the dead of winter or the heat of summer.  Here are some of the most popular romantic honeymoon destinations and when you should check them out—some of them enjoy relatively sublime weather year-round.


The corner of a Makahuena at Poipu condo jutting out over the rocky coast, framed by palm trees.

The corner of a Makahuena at Poipu condo jutting out over the rocky coast, framed by palm trees.

Best months: March to July, October and November 

Worst months: Far from horrible, but December and January are the coolest months (the average afternoon temperature is 75 degrees); August and September are the hottest (the average is 92 degrees). The wettest months are from November to March. Keep in mind each Island will have its own distinctions.

Note: In general, each island's northern shore gets more rain than the southern, especially on Kauai and the Big Island during December and January.


Leafy palm trees and blue lounge chairs dotting the sandy strip between a resort pool and the ocean.

Leafy palm trees and blue lounge chairs dotting the sandy strip between a resort pool and the ocean.

Best months: November to April 

Worst months: It is hottest (up to 89 degrees on average) and rainiest from June to October


Blue and white boats floating serenely off the Bermudan coast.

Best months: May to October 

Worst months: January and February 


Waves lapping over a pristine Caribbean beach while lush green mountains tower in the background.

Best months: Technically, December to May, when the area is coolest and enjoys the most wind, but average temperatures year-round hover between 78 and 88 degrees.

Worst months: "Official" hurricane season runs from June to November; the worst months are Mid-August, September, and October (the islands near South America -- Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Trinidad, and Tobago -- are outside the hurricane “danger zone”)

Note: High-altitude and coastal spots are cooled by trade winds year-round (a good place to get away during the hotter and more humid summer months)


A long tour boat with a red sign sits in a London harbor next to a bustling street.

Best months: May through September, or October 

Worst months: December to February 


Grass huts and blue lounge chairs lining a sunny beach in Mexico.

Best months: October to May 

Worst months: The rainy season runs June through September, but usually only involves a short daily downpour. It is also hotter and more humid during the summer months.

Note: Coastal playgrounds and low-lying sections of the country are hotter than higher-altitude destinations such as Mexico City, Guadalajara, and the heartland "Silver Cities."


Hydro lines crisscrossing over a busy street in Southeast Asia while motorbikes and yellow buses zip by underneath.

Best months: October to February 

Worst months: Hottest between March and May; very rainy from June to September 


A wooden walkway winding over startlingly blue water links grass-roofed bungalows together in Bora Bora.

Best months: May to October 

Worst months: December to February (hot, humid, and rainy); Tahiti lies well outside the Pacific cyclone zone and while Fiji does not, it is rarely hit during the highest-risk months of January and February.

Planning for weather is always a challenge (we all know Mother Nature can be a real B-word when she wants to be), but as long as you know when to go where, you can pretty much ensure you’re going to have a beautiful and relaxing honeymoon, no matter your destination.

Do your research, talk to the locals, talk to people who have gone before! Here are the top destinations for this year!

And, if you are thinking of planning a honeymoon to a destination not on this list, ask me!

I’ll help you figure out the PERFECT time to jet set. If you are ready to book, start here.

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