Beauty Tips for Girls on the Go

A beautiful woman with bright makeup and clothing posing against palm leaves.

Whether you’re jetting off to your destination wedding, honeymoon, or just taking a well-deserved vacation, it’s no secret that travel can take a toll on your beauty routine. Dry airplane cabins, chlorinated pools, long days in the hot sun, and jet lag exhaustion often mean your skin and hair are left to fend for themselves.

It’s nearly impossible to stick to your usual beauty regime while on the go, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to bad skin-and-hair days your whole vacation! It’s important to make adjustments and pack only the essentials so you can look and feel good while enjoying your time abroad.

Check out our list of handy beauty tips for girls on the go that will make packing for your next trip a breeze!

Dry shampoo is your friend

Any hair stylist will tell you that washing your hair every day is not healthy. Letting your hair’s natural oils work their magic is vital for that glossy shine we all seek. And while you are giving your hair a rest from washing, why not try getting those beach waves going (even if you're not at the beach)! Jen Reviews shares some top tips for How to Curl Your Hair. If you’re worried that glossy shine will end up looking more “oil slick,” dry shampoo will be your saving grace while on the road.

You can buy dry shampoo in aerosol cans, but we usually opt for the loose powder kind to avoid any hassle with the TSA. Lush’s No Drought dry shampoo is a particular fave! If you just can’t forego washing your hair every day, Lush’s solid shampoo bars are another great option while traveling. No liquids mean never worrying that you’ll be asked to throw your favorite beauty products away at the airport (our worst nightmare)!


Buy the products you can live without AFTER you get to your destination

Not only will this tip save space in your carry-on, it also helps prevent the potential spills that become more and more inevitable with every liquid product you add to your luggage. Arriving at your destination only to open your suitcase and find ruined clothes is something no one wants to experience!

Most countries you visit will have the essentials—toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash, body wash, lotion, etc. I know it’s hard to part with some of these everyday necessities, but it’s only temporary! You’ll be thanking yourself later when you stroll out of the airport with your lightened-up, spill-free bags.


Get organized with ziplocks

"Courtnie, what do ziplock bags have to do with my beauty routine?" I hear you ask. Let me tell you, there are so many uses for these handy little things. Instead of buying expensive luggage cubes or vacuum bags, use ziplocks! They come in all sorts of sizes and work just as well as the other options (at a fraction of the price). Using ziplock bags for your toiletries and makeup saves space in your luggage, keeps spills safely contained, and is a great way to organize everything!


Hydration is key

If your trip involves a long haul flight, it’s important that you stay hydrated. At such high altitude, the recycled air inside the plane is much drier. Pack some moisturizer in a travel-sized tube or keep a sheet mask handy so you arrive at your destination fresh-faced and glowing!

Additionally, pack your own water bottle for every trip. This way, you’ll be able to fill it up at the airport before you board your flight. It’s recommended that you drink 8 oz of water for every hour you’re flying. That little cup of water they give you on the plane ain’t gonna cut it!


Get up and move

I know it can be awkward to crawl over people in airplanes, but just do it! If you’re on a long flight, you need to get up and move to keep your blood circulating and to stretch out cramped muscles. Take a walk to the bathroom even if you don’t have to go (although you will probably need to if you’re staying hydrated like you should 😉). Getting to your destination and being sore from a long flight spent sitting down is never fun!


Leave the heavy makeup at home

I know it’s tempting to bring your full makeup kit with you on vacation but I promise you will only really need the essentials. BB cream, concealer, mascara, and a little lip gloss will take you pretty far when you’re traveling! If you want to try a more glamorous look for a night out, you can always pick up some blush and eyeliner from a drugstore at your destination.

I hope these tips help you feel like a travel beauty guru! Which on-the-go beauty tips do you swear by?